Monday, December 21, 2009


Since its grand opening, The overrated P&L District has received literally hundreds, if not thousands of complaints regarding its perceived racist dress code policies. Throughout the year, Tony's Kansas City along with Kansas City Crime Stopper Alonzo Washington have been all over The P&L dress code issue and their reporting has really shined a light on the situation at hand.

According to reports, 40% of African-Americans and 36% of Latinos have been denied entry into the P&L District this year--numbers that are just simply disgusting for Kansas City today. Adding to the situation is the fact that Kansas City is said to be hosting The NAACP's 2010 Convention.

If The P&L doesn't get its act together this could really turn out to be a long-term nightmare for the City of Kansas City, The Government of Jackson County, the people of Kansas City and the business owners at not just The P&L , but throughout Kansas City's hottest districts.

Because of that we are calling on both The Kansas City Council as well as The Jackson County Executive and Legislature to address this situation immediately.

Give the 500 plus Kansas Citians protesting in the cold as well as TKC and Alonzo Washington a lot of respect for taking this issue by the horns.


  1. As a Kansas City resident, I agree that this is embarrassing. However, the Cordish business model relies heavily from "tourists" from the suburbs, especially JoCo to filter into downtown and party. Cordish knows something that most people will not fess up to: suburbanites, on the whole, will not feel comfortable at P&L if there are more than 10-15% minorities present (not including staff or entertainment).

    So Yes, one way or another the P&L district has serious problems ahead.

  2. A private company is allowed to uphold the standards of a dress code they allow in their bars. Wearing shirts that fit and bathing is not too much to ask. If you can't abide by the districts clothing policy then you don't need to be there. The 'urban' dress code which gets turned away is a simple fix.

  3. Hey Dave, why not if now more than 10-15% of the population in suburban communities is now well over 15%-20%? I'd buy that 15 years ago, but not today.

  4. correction. I meant to write why not if the minority population in suburban communities is now well over 15-20%?



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