Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rick Warren And Conservatives Have Some Explaining To Do!

Crooks and Liars as well as The Rachel Maddow Show put together must read material that discusses the ties between C-Street, Pastor Rick Warren and an anti-gay bill in Uganda. Yes, you read that correctly and the crazy part is that the connection isn't in any way far fetched. All it takes is looking at a frequent visitor at Rick Warren's One Saddleback Church in California.

Below is a quote from The Rachel Maddows Show. Take a look:

"Maddows: The government of Uganda is considering passing a law to execute gay people. Execute as in by hanging a, quote, “serial offender” or an HIV-positive person who commits same sex act. If enacted, this law would also impose a three-year prison sentence on anyone who knows of a gay person in the country but doesn‘t report that gay person to the government within 24 hours.

Who is supporting and promoting this legislation? Well, one of the proponents is a minister named Pastor Martin Ssempa. He was a familiar face to American conservative Evangelicals, because Mr. Ssempa has been a frequent guest of Pastor Rick Warren at One Saddleback Church in California..........

....(later)...Given with Rick Warren‘s deep involvement with Pastor Ssempa on matters including gay rights and AIDS issues in Uganda, “Newsweek” magazine asked Pastor Rick Warren his opinion of this proposed “kill the gays” law in Uganda.

Mr. Warren responded by distancing himself from Martin Ssempa, but also by refusing to condemn the proposal saying, quote, “It is not my personal calling as a pastor in America to comment or interfere in the political process of other nations.”

Really Rick Warren? But it is part of your personal calling as pastor in America to stand up against legislation that takes away the equal rights of all people or legislation that actually calls for genocide; correct?

We are calling on Rick Warren to officially apologize to America, the world and the people of Uganda for supporting Martin Ssempa's preachings as well as receiving him in his church on a frequent basis.

Likewise, we are calling on TV outlets as well as politicians from both parties, mainly the GOP as he supports them overwhemingly, to speak out against Rick Warren and Martin Ssempa.

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