Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things All 'Funk'd Up At City Hall: Mayor Releases Statement To Cauthen

"RE: Statement of Reasons for Removal

Dear Wayne, On November 24, 2009, you had hand-delivered to the City Clerk your letter demanding a written statement of the reasons for your removal from office as the City Manager and a hearing before the City Council. Both demands were made pursuant to Section 218(e)(3)(B) of the City Charter.

This letter is the statement of reasons that you requested. By separate letter, I will advise you of the date, time and location of your hearing before the City Council.

Pursuant to Section 218(e)(1) of the City Charter, I removed you from office November 19, 2009 because the City needs new administrative leadership. Six members of the City Council ratified my decision by public vote later that day."

According to The Star, that's the end of the statement.

That's how serious the mayor takes this situation and his constituents' concerns regarding this situation.

Maybe the Mayor's minor-league staff and circus "full-time volunteer" could learn a bit from this explanation by Jan Marcason. It is a good example of how an elected official should answer his/her constituents' concerns regarding their actions or vote.

The above letter/statement by the mayor is not. Did we really have to explain that to the Mayor's staff? You would think that the +$100 thousand dollars in taxpayer money going toward the mayor's staff would be used on competent and qualified individuals. Under this mayor, it's not.

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