Friday, September 3, 2010

Mississippi Republican Governor Busted Telling More Lies On Southern Racism

Mississippi Governor and presumed Republican Party Presidential candidate Haley Barbour attempted to tie southern racism to the Democratic Party this week.

In doing so he stated that his generation had moved beyond racism and that he attended a desegregated high school and never thought twice about race.

This would be welcoming news, but as Rachel Maddow points out, it's not true. The school he claimed was desegregated was Yazoo City High in 1964 and 65. History points out that Barbour is off 5 years. Yazoo City was segregated until 1970.

Apparently, Barbour is now trying to become the only man in America that honestly believes southern, racist Democrats never fled to the Republican Party after the civil rights legislation passed.

The Republican Tea Party is shining with bright ones.

Human Trafficker Is Major Donor to Republican Party

BREAKING: Associated Press is reporting that a Los Angeles based man arrested this week for human trafficking of 400 individuals from Thailand is a major Republican Party donor.

A frequent contributor, Mordechai Orian recently gave $11,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

This is the face of the new kkkRepublican Tea Party.

Governor Fail

We previously posted a clip showing the worst opening statement in debate history by a sitting Governor.

Well today for weekend entertainment we are posting a clip following the debate. If you go to 2:05 of the clip and watch, Governor Brewer is boxed in by reporters demanding she take back the false statement she made this summer claiming there were beheadings in Arizona.

Apparently, Gov. Brewer has made it appear so violent that many in Arizona are claiming she is the core reason for economic disaster due to her negative, false rhetoric.

Blue Note: This is what not to do when being asked the same question by every reporter in the room. Governor fail.

Dumb and Racist Are Two Qualities Of A Tea Party Leader

Running a state is not easy work in these economic climates. That is why electing leaders on substance and not rhetoric is key.

Enter Arizona Governor Brewer.

It is no secret the Republican Party has been hijacked by Tea Party wackjobs looking for their rising star. These individuals get in front of a crowd yell key talking points that include mentioning patriotism as many times as possible, cursing liberals and demanding change in Washington by electing the very same Republicans that led us into mass corruption and waste.

With the election just around the corner, the GOP is beginning to wonder if they created their own monster. Debate season is upon us and that means the underdog crazies that proved victorious in Republican primaries across the nation will now be placed on national tv for the first time.

When a Governor fails to display any knowledge of a few good things that have been accomplished in their state you have to ask: what type of people is the Tea Party trying to promote?

See for yourself:

Chick Fight: Peter Kinder Calls Women "Tramps" On Twitter

Our friends over at Fired Up Missouri broke a story that has the Lt. Governor on quite the pickle (Blue Note: we had to say "on the pickle", can you blame us?).

It appears the Lt. Governor on Twitter decided to promote the "Top Twenty Tramp Stamps". The post linked to pictures of young women showing their lower back tatoos, some of which were noticeably naked.

Now there are some major problems with this tweet, which is no surprise. When Lt. Governor Kinder logs into Twitter it is almost an expectation he will get into a political disaster.

Why is the Lt. Governor tweeting pictures of naked young women showing tattoos?

More importantly, the Lt. Governor must answer why he referred to women as "tramps" on his twitter account.

We at The KC Blue Blog believe the Lt. Governor is trying entirely too hard to prove he doesn't like men, which is fine. That still does not justify calling women "tramps" just because you are forced to pretend to like them.

Stay tuned to Fired Up Missouri as this story develops...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

BREAKING: Questions Surround Taxpayers Unlimited and Henry Rizzo Campaign Following Finance Reports

Our Blue Chip Tipsters are all over this story today flooding us with many e-mails.

The KC Blue Blog is reporting that very serious questions surround Taxpayers Unlimited President Sherwood Smith, Local 42 President Louie Wright and County Legislator Henry Rizzo following campaign finance reports.

Every Democrat in Jackson County is well aware of the primary race beating delivered to Henry Rizzo by children advocate Crystal Williams.

Our tipsters point out that the 30 Day After Campaign finance reports show that Taxpayers Unlimited paid a total of $21,345.47 to media outlets in Kansas City (we assume for this commercial promoting Henry Rizzo) while failing to file an in-kind contribution to his campaign.

They also point out that Henry Rizzo's hand scanned report also fails to report any in-kind contribution made to his campaign.

There are now two major questions being asked by tipsters regarding these reports:

Did Taxpayers pay for these ads instead of providing a direct contribution to Rizzo to avoid showing a conflict of interest regarding legislation Henry Rizzo sponsored and was later forced to back away from?

More importantly, by failing to file an in-kind contribution, did Taxpayers and Rizzo attempt to hide from the KC Star a 48 hour report which should have been filed showing a contribution of over $5,000 to Rizzo days before a vote on the matter was originally scheduled to take place?

Specifically on 7/26/10 Taxpayers Unlimited Reports paying $14,987 for ads which clearly exceeds the 24 hour reporting guidelines and none of which is filed in-kind to Rizzo.

They also report in 7/30/10 purchasing $3215 in air spots, none of which is filed as in-kind to Rizzo.

Reports show that Rizzo only raised $29,500 which means Taxpayers should have provided an in-kind contribution the very same month legislation was to pass showing a jawdropping 73% of the total raised by Rizzo the entire cycle.

As a side note, Henry Rizzo paid President Harry S. Truman $400 on 7/31/10. Dead Presidents are allowed to vote in Jackson County, right?

Blue Tip: The KC Blue Blog tipsters report this may be the center of serious problems facing Louie Wright and Sherwood Smith...developing.

Felons for Life. Missouri Right to Life Endorses Felon in St. Joseph

The Christian based Missouri Right to Life is seeking to broaden their coalition of ethical Republicans this week by announcing their endorsement of Jason Gregory, the Republican running for State Representative in the 27th House District (St. Joseph, MO).

Gregory will be the first member of the Felons for Life caucus and joins an elite group of individuals the MRL believe represent the finest Christian values in the state. See for yourself:

Gregory admitted back in January to the St. Joseph News-Press that he pled guilty to a felony offense in 1994 for "unlawful practices" in connection to his role in scamming senior citizens out of an estimated $48,000. His business partner received 4 years in prison. Gregory served 4 years probation.

We at the KC Blue Blog are calling on the Missouri Right to Life to remove their endorsement of Jason Gregory. Supporting a candidate that admits to scamming senior citizens is not a good position to take. Many of those senior citizens were likely pro-life and a mix of Republicans and Democrats.

It gets better. According to the Missouri Right to Life website, Gregory failed to even fill out a survey!

Endorsing Gregory, who has previously pled guilty to a felony charge, will make a great addition to their Republican endorsed candidates with morals such as Brian Nieves (under investigation for allegedly assaulting a campaign staffer), Denny Hoskins (who notoriously failed to pay $21,000 in taxes) and Steve Cookson (has faced MSHAA investigations into recruiting practices).

These endorsements are insults to Missouri Christians statewide. We call on the MRL to remove their endorsement of Gregory immediately. They should also strongly consider removing the endorsements of the other individuals named above.

Bad Week for Hermann Gets Worse

Yesterday the City Council voted down Mayor Funkhouser's veto of a proposed change to the charter that would allow a fair and legal process to redistricting.

In an 8-4 vote, leaders from south of the River stood up against a move by Republican hacks to redistrict the city council in favor of the Northland.

The vote should be seen as a complete loss for Deb Hermann, and as we previously stated, she is starting to face mass exodus from her campaign by Democrat supporters.

She originally supported the measure because it is the smart thing to do. Following e-mails from and campaign threats from Republican donors in the Northland Hermann flipped her stance and cast THE vote to kill the measure. After gaining a new life, the measure passed and was vetoed by the Mayor at the advice of his Republican campaign staff.

Today's vote slapped that move down and has tangled this process badly for Hermann. Forward Kansas City, a Northland group that agressively pushes for a strong Northland voice, will now file suit via Chris Byrd (a top Republican hack).

Now Hermann has walked Governor Nixon into a political fight with The Greater KC Chamber and labor leaders Louie Wright and Duke Dujakovic over the Earnings Tax.

The KC Blue Bloggers continue our call on Hermann to do the same for the Republican elected officials in her own City Council district that have each received thousands from Billionaire Rex.

"Double Talk" Deb has had a very bad week.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Republican Flunky Leads Charge for Redistricting

Republican hack and political flunky Chris Byrd is making a comeback from the total beating he faced by Attorney General Jay Nixon 60 to 37.

Byrd will be leading the fight for Northland Republicans in their attempt to gerrymander the city council districts to increase power for their southern Republican values Northland.

We at the KC Blue Blog couldn't be more excited about the Northland showing their true colors in this fight. Hiring Chris Byrd signals their real intentions and should rally Democrats in the north and voters in the south around any map but theirs.

In the end, this is one more bit of bad news for Northland Republican darling Deb Hermann.

Kander Ethics Reform Becomes Law

This week starts the beginning of a new era in Missouri politics thanks to Kansas City All-Star State Rep. Jason Kander (D-Kansas City Brookside-Waldo).

Kander also known as "Mr. Ethics" fought aggressively for a bi-partisan ethics reform bill to pass the Missouri legislature. The bill which started as an underdog with a 1 in 1 million chance of passing, began to grow new life due to the hard work of Democrat Jason Kander and Republican State Representative Tim Flook.

To put it mildly, they refused to let it die. Every week Kander was on radio, television, in the newspaper and blasting out e-mails to blogs like ours with the goal of making the GOP leadership act.

This is bill placed the name Jason Kander statewide and we are excited about that. Kander is the kind of individual and leader the Democratic Party and our state needs!!

His resume is filled with genuine public service to his country and his hard work has reignited a sense of energy inside the Brookside-Waldo neighborhoods. Something that is key to Democrat success statewide.

We at The KC Blue Blog salute Rep. Jason Kander. Keep up the good work.

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