Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do You Know Where Your Church Donation Is Going?

The National Catholic Reporter and The Plog's Peter Rugg informs readers that Campaign finance reports from Maine show that a Kansas Catholic organization headed by Kansas City, Kansas, Archbishop Joseph Naumann was among the largest private contributors to repealing gay marriage in Maine.

While it should go noted that organizations have the right to raise money as they wish as long as they are following the law, these donations raise a number of questions.

First, when this report by the NCR refers to "collections" are they referring to money donated by their congregation during church services? If so are all congregation members in attendance at the time of collection made aware that their donations were going to be used in order to oppose same-sex marriage? If not, were they made aware before or after; or at all?

Likewise, during such hard economic times, why are local churches and bishops demanding collections be used to attack equal rights, when they could be using it to heal the sick who can't afford healthcare and even feed or provide warmth and shelter for the poor and homeless; among other things?

We'd like your thoughts on the issue.

On a final note: Don't mistake the purpose of this post. We are not asking you the reader to stop donating to churches. We are simply asking you to hold your church, pastor or bishop responsible for what you may determine to be improper use of your donations.

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  1. Very good point! And, contrary to popular belief, my research shows that American Catholics (as opposed to the Church authorities), are quite supportive of same sex marriage--moreso than mainline Protestants. When the Hierarchy does this, they are not speaking for the majority of Catholics--who are either neutral towards or supportive of same sex marriage.



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