Thursday, December 3, 2009

CRAZY ALERT! Republican Cynthia Davis Officially Wants Guns In Churches

While there are a number of real issues to be addressed in Jefferson City during 2010, The Turner Report is informing readers of another crazy move on the part of Cynthia Davis that not only shows her inability to sanely represent voters , it will also have Missourians and voters terrified when going to church on Sundays .

Mrs. Davis has officially pre-filed HB 1232, which would remove the restrictions against carrying guns into churches.

Again this is the same Republican conspiracist and representative who along with fellow Missouri Republican Timothy Jones (R-Eureka) actually signed on as plaintiffs to a federal lawsuit questioning the nationality of President Barack Obama. (To no surprise, A federal judge has since dismissed the suit, but not before rebuking Davis, Jones and their fellow conspiracists.)

Likewise, this is the same representative that opposed subsidizing school lunches for low income children during summer months saying, "Hunger can be a positive motivator." eventhough 1 in 5 Missouri kids is living in hunger.

Seriously Missouri, enough is enough. Cynthia Davis and Missouri Republicans have absolutely lost their mind.

We are calling on bloggers, media outlets and Missourians to speak out against this bill as well as Cynthia Davis' extremely radical ( insane) representation of both her district and this beautiful state. We are calling on church leaders around the state and country to do the same.

And finally, we are calling on The Missouri GOP, as well as their state Chairman David Cole and Executive Director Lloyd Smith, to speak out against this bill, Davis and Jones' questioning the President's citizenship, Davis' failure to sanely represent the people of Missouri and furthermore their decision earlier this year to keep 1 in 5 children living in hunger.

The other crazy Republican co-sponsors of the bill are: Republican Reps. Dugger (MO-144), Ruestman (MO-133), Wells (MO-147)

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  1. But Blue, that ain't all Ms. Davis has been up to:



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