Monday, November 30, 2009

Everything 'Funk'd Up At City Hall: Cauthen Seeking Hearing?

It's official: While we enjoy our local paper, when it comes to Kansas City political news, TKC's tipsters are starting to make The Kansas City Star look elitist and out of place (see: The Pitch). Or is it that The Star just refuses to post on the 'Funk'd up situation at City Hall?

Either way, TKC is reporting that, as expected by everyone except the Mayor's office, Wayne Cauthen may seek a charter mandated public hearing. Additionally, TKC tipsters are reporting that Mayor Funkhouser's office is seeking a judicial resolution to keep the trial from being public.

In other words: If this is the case, The Mayor is actively seeking to stop you the taxpayer from knowing the details as to why he made this move that will most definitely cost the city a lot of money.

In the post, TKC writes:

"I hoped that the City Manager would take his money and ride off into the sunset (Denver) . . . But it looks like Kansas City could get one, last good show out of the Cauthen. A public trial certainly does shed a bit of perspective on the Black Clergy mobilizing into action last week . . . And despite Cauthen's constant screw-ups I have no doubt that there will be a significant contingent of people willing to support him in public considering his ongoing support from not only the suits (developers) but also certain leaders in the African-American community.

So . . . If folks at City Hall don't succeed in getting Cauthen's hearing in private . . . The move to suspend the City Manager that was described as "secretive" and a "palace coup" could certainly backfire.

With 6 City Council people embarrassed over the Cauthen ouster and certain elements of Kansas City's political establishment feeling irrelevant or slighted . . . IF Cauthen gets a public trial, it most certainly will be ugly."

What a great post by Kansas City's most popular and controversial blogger. Fact is, this looks to turn into a real ugly situation for City Hall, and anyone could have predicted it. To no surprise the move was handled at best unprofessional and amateur--two of the defining characteristics of this mayor and his team. Which is exactly why we are confused as to why 6 City Council members backed the mayor on this one?

We understand their probable distaste for Wayne Cauthen, but did they even ask how the mayor was going to make this move? Did they not expect his team to 'Funk' it up? Did they not expect to get hung out to dry on this one? Did they really expect to gain political capital by supporting Funkhouser --who has none--on this one? Is there a solid reason why they supported Funkhouser on this one? If so, why did they choose to stay quiet on this one too instead of informing their voters of the decision they took on their district's behalf?

What were they thinking?

Reality check for the 6 City Council who 'got the Funk':
Wayne Cauthen--while not the most popular--still has more political capital than Mark Funkhouser.

Mayor Funkhouser's political capital is the equivalent of the Zimbabwean Dollar--That means you want to stay away from it like H1N1!

Let's get something straight. We aren't saying that our council members should not work with this mayor. We are saying, when it comes to petty political games, this mayor thinks about as much as a cooked turkey--in other words he doesn't at all.

Thanks to that lack of common sense, the mayor does not have a political future----we should mention his wife also helping take a wrecking ball to it. Not to mention, their ability to trust him or use him come election day is about slim to none. So why jump on board in the name of games and gamble with theirs too? Especially when they don't have solid information to take home to their constituents--or at least enough information for them to confidently speak out immediately.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Missouri GOP Caught Hiding $25,000 from Coal Industry At "Independent" Tea Party Rally?

The Missouri GOP is under the microscope after the St. Louis Post-Dispatch uncovered a contribution of $25,000 from the spouse of a lobbyist.

While the Missouri Republican Party filed the proper paperwork, questions surround why they attempted to hide the contributions ties to Fred Palmer, Vice-President of Government Relations for Peabody Energy, which is a Coal Energy Company.

Is it because legislation is being crafted that could have a positive impact for the coal industry?

Adding more questions is where the Missouri GOP gathered the support? Could it be that the $25,000 was given to the Missouri GOP by the Coal Industry to continue their behind the scenes efforts with the "independent" Tea Party Movement in Missouri?

The $25,000 was given to the Missouri GOP on 11/24 from The Palmers who live in Ladue, not far from Clayton. Also on November 24th, was the Republican lobbyist funded "independent movement" called the Tea Party Rally which was held in Clayton.

One of the keynote speakers, Mike Carey of the Ohio Coal Association.

Coal Company speakers at a "independent" Democrat bashing rally? Hidden Coal Company Executive $25,000 contribution to the Missouri GOP at that same "indepedent" rally?

With recent reports of lobbyist pay for play surrouding the Missouri GOP, it appears they have some answering to do.

If the Missouri GOP solicited $25,000 contributions at "independent" Tea Party rallies across the state, then larger ethical questions now loom for the Missouri Republican Party.

A Day Too Soon: Nixon 51% Approval Rating One of the Strongest In America

KY3 Political Notebook reported on Friday that Governor Nixon's approval numbers from a Nov. 23rd poll are in the low 40's and thus should "alarm Nixon aides and supporters".

The only problem is a poll by the very same company Survey USA the following day shows Nixon approval ratings at 51%, which places him as one of the two highest rated Governors in America!

What they also failed to mention is that even at the 44% approval rating Governor Nixon was still one of the most popular Governors in America.

It's a hard time to be a Governor, whether you are Republican or Democrat, because the economy is in the tank.

The fact that Governor Nixon is at 51% , far stronger than almost every Governor in the United States, should send a message to aides and supporters that he continues to lead our state out of the dark days of Republican Governor Matt Blunt.

Crazy Jane's Keep Govt. Out of Health Care By Using Govt. Mandates In Health Care Act

So just when you think she is slow to reach Cynthia Davis levels of craziness, she always surprises you. That's right, Crazy Jane is back at it with an addition to her greatest hits.

This time she is offering up the keep government out of health care, by sponsoring a legislation as a Government elected official, to put a government mandate in the Missouri constitution which governs our state, to prevent government from being involved in health care while mandating individuals can choose their health care options. Just not government, or programs such as Medicare or Medicaid as they involve Government, or else Crazy Jane will ensure that more government will tell them no government, Health care act.

Since Crazy Jane makes a nice salary on taxpayer dime, which surely goes towards any health care costs she has in life, we at the KC Blue Blog are calling on Crazy Jane to no longer take a state salary. This way there can be no confusion on using taxdollars for anything related towards her personal health care or well being.

Surely for consistency purposes she will do the right thing. Right Jane?

Dubai is in big trouble.

After the announcement of Dubai's financial crisis, Reuters is reporting that Abu Dhabi, wealthy capital of the United Arab Emirates, will "pick and choose" how to assist debt-laden neighbor Dubai, a senior official said on Saturday, after fears of a Dubai default sent global markets reeling.

Dubai's crisis exploded on Wednesday when the emirate, known for flashy lifestyles and building the world's tallest building, said it would delay payment on debt issued by one of its flagship firms, angering investors and sending global markets sharply lower.

Russia: Welcome Back To The War on Terror.

Today, CNN is reporting that investigators probing the derailment of an express train in Russia have found "elements of an explosive device" at the site and believe an act of terror caused the deadly incident.

The derailment killed at least 26 people and injured about 100, but there was no immediate word on who or what group might have been behind the action.

"One can say with certainty that that was indeed an act of terror," Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the investigative committee of the Russian prosecutor's office, told CNN.

We at the KC Blue Blog send our prayers to the families of those lost or injured today.

Friday, November 27, 2009

TKC Gives His Weekly Political Power Rankings

Kansas City's most popular blogger, who owes us a sammich for linking him so many times, gives those looking to keep up with the movers and shakers his weekly power rankings.

The Mayor Does Not Respect Voters or African-American Community, Unless He Finds It Convenient.

We know what you're thinking-- "Did they go there?" . The answer: yes we did.

It's has become more and more obvious that neither the mayor does nor his office staffers respect voters let alone any minority/ethnic community unless he finds it to be convenient for him or his staff to do so.

Or is it just that the mayor and his staffers are too stubborn or arrogant to actually apologize to anyone? Or are they simply refusing to answer questions that they are not professionally prepared to handle? Or--in this case--is there really a difference?

That's exactly what minority, religious and community leaders from around the city have been asking each other since this mayor took office--and with good reason. Today, the questions haven't changed a bit--and with good reason.

Think about all of the things that this mayor has done during his time in office that has offended voters. And then think about how many times he has apologized for them (answer: zero). Today's no different.

KSHB-TV 41's Chris Hernandez is reporting that Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser has responded to recent calls for an apology over the way in which former city manager Wayne Cauthen was recently treated during his "suspension" which City Council members called "politics by ambush"; and to no surprise he refuses to apologize.

When asked if he thinks an apology is necessary at this point, the mayor answered, "No, I don't. What we did, we treated the situation with the most respect, the most dignity that was possible under the circumstances."

The Concerned Clergy group and many voters don't agree, and for that, they have asked for an official apology during next week's council meeting, along with a public explanation from council members who once supported Cauthen, but voted to force him out of office.

The KC Blue Blog is supporting that request. But, we are doing so not because we are fans of Wayne Cauthen, but because neither Mayor Funkhouser and The City Council have yet to give an explanation for the move.

Storming the City Manager's office and having him escorted out without either a previous explanation to all Councilmembers or a vote by the Council was uncalled for. Having him escorted out of the building in front of cameras was not only unprofessional at best, it was also damaging to the character of Mr. Cauthen. Again, it was a move that should have been at least explained and at best debated in a public forum.

Such a move would not only have provided voters and councilmembers an opportunity to hear the reasoning for such a move that will surely cost the city (see: taxpayers) hundreds of thousands of dollars--allowing all councilmembers an opportunity to cast an informed vote, it would have also protected both The City as well as the mayor from legal issues and community backlash. Having said that, such a move would have also shed light on the issue--giving the mayor just as much as a chance to be supported as not supported. Was that the reason for not doing so?

Either way, all we were given is the usual; no answer for days and the mayor bobbing his head while talking in front of cameras as if he were annoyed by the fact that voters dare ask for an explanation while his staffers dodge questions by doing the same.

Mayor Funkhouser and City Council members need to get one thing very clear: No elected official is above his/her constituents. Intentionally refusing, when requested, to provide them with reason for votes cast, actions taken or opinions given is clearly saying that you feel you are above them.

We are still appalled by the fact that this mayor --who has zero political capital and is about as popular as H1N1 on Thanksgiving--and his third rate staffers still clearly find themselves to be above responding to the requests of those that he is supposedly representing. You see it when you attempt to contact the office, at the town hall meetings, when they are in front of the cameras and behind them, and when they are at speaking appearances.

Plain and simple, Mayor Mark Funkhouser doesn't just owe Mr. Cauthen an explanation and apology (Which he obviously won't give), he also owes both to Kansas City.

Black Friday Turnout Seems Stronger Than A Year Ago

Good news as Reuters is reporting that Black Friday sales seem to be up from a year ago today. According to the National Retail Federation, up to 134 million U.S. consumers say they may shop for holiday gifts this weekend from Black Friday through Sunday.

Retail Analysts are saying that, while shoppers are reporting to be more selective on their purchases this eyar, they also seem to be carrying around more bags.

We're not sure if this is the sign of an economic turn around or just good retail sales. Either way, while we encourage our readers to be smart with their money during hard times, we have to admit that it's good seeing folks out shopping this weekend.

Look Out Tiger!

Local, national and global media outlets are reporting that Tiger Woods was injured in a car accident early Friday while backing out of his Florida mansion, and a local police chief said his wife used a golf club to smash out the back window and help get the world's No. 1 golfer out of the SUV.

Questions surround the accident as first reports had it serious, but later reports said it wasn't serious. Windermere police chief Daniel Saylor told The Associated Press that officers found the 33-year-old PGA star laying in the street with his wife, Elin, hovering over him. He also told reporters that Woods was in and out of consciousness and had cuts on both lips and blood in his mouth.

Good news is that the world's top golfer has been released from the hospital and is said to be in good condition.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Canadian Comedy Strikes Again. Palin Seriously Calls For Canada To End Universal Healthcare.

Apparently, while prepping for her book tour and launching a political comeback, advisers failed to tell Sarah Palin that Canada loves its universal public healthcare--over 90% of Canadians to be exact.

The Huffington Post reports that Mary Walsh and The Canadian nightly news parody show This Hour Has 22 Minutes attended a Border's where Sarah Palin --who the comedian jokingly refers to as the "Alaskan Aphrodite"-- was in attendance signing her new book.

In an attempt to bait Palin into another comedic routine, Walsh walks into the Border's, cuts in line and shouts
"I just wanted to ask you if you have any words of encouragement for Canadian conservatives who have worked so hard to try to diminish the kind of socialized medicine we have up there."

To no worked.

While bodyguards, minor-league staffers and terrible political advisers jump in front of Walsh and escort her out of the building Palin shouts "Keep the faith" and an answer that the Canadian couldn't make out.

Later, outside of the Palin bus, in another attempt to bait the circus politician, Walsh asked for another comment as she couldn't make out the first. worked. Take a look:

If you couldn't make it out, Palin said "My answer was to keep the faith because that common sense conservatism could be plugged in there in Canada too in fact Canada needs to reform its healthcare system and let the private sector take over some of what the government has absorbed." An obvious hint that she believes Canada should end its loved and cherished universal healthcare system.

Ouch, looking back at that comment, that one is going to hit her in the gut.

Later, Walsh said "well who knew that you had to go down in the loading dock to ask questions here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I guess they were afraid that perhaps someone would ask why was every word in the book a lie or seemed to be anyway.."

She also later told the Canadian Press that "It was great fun, but also very strange," Walsh recalled. "We're in a bookstore, at a public event, in a place one would think was a bastion of free speech. And no one was allowed to ask questions. What are they afraid of?"

Turkey Thursday..Black Friday!

These deals were publicized by Michael Brim of, a Web site that lists unconfirmed Black Friday discounts daily.

See the full list of Black Friday Bargains
Associated Press

Old Navy
Buy $20 worth of apparel at Old Navy and go home with a free "Lego Rock Band" videogame.

Regularly $429, a 32-inch Westinghouse 720p LCD HDTV will be available for $246. The retailer will also throw in a $20 gift card with each purchase.

Best Buy
Attention gamers: The Xbox 360 Elite 120-gigabyte game systems will be sold for $299 beginning at 5 a.m. Nov. 27. Buyers will get six games free. The retailer is limiting the offer to one per customer.

Toys 'R' Us
Though the retailer is planning scores of deals for kids' toys, there is one that may delight adults. On Nov. 27, the Sony PRS-300 E-Reader Pocket Edition Black will be available for $199. A $15 Sony Connect Card is included.

Sports Authority
Those searching for an iHome iPod docking station will save 25% off here; originally between $24.99 and $69.99, it's being sold Nov. 27 for between $18.74 and $52.49

One-stop shopping? The store's entire stock of videogames will be discounted 20% to 30%. Items normally $19.99 to $24.99 will be $15.99 to $19.99.

Early risers may get the best deals at Macy's. The retailer is offering an extra 20% off cashmere, misses and petite sweaters from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 27 and from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 28. and also have a number of deals posted with ads scanned.

Best of luck on your holiday shopping experience!






Good Example Of Bad Reporting

A classic example of bad reporting is making headlines today. In the latest issue of US Weekly, "a source close to the U.N. goodwill ambassador, 34, tells" the celebrity gossip mag that Angelina Jolie "hates" President Barack Obama for being "all smoke and mirrors".

This report automatically raises questions when the anonymous "source" later adds...

"She's into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts. She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise,"

The quote raises questions as both Angelina Jolie as well as hubby Brad Pitt spend a great deal of time getting involved in politics --politics to which both last year and this year they have gone on the record supporting Obama. While Jolie, due to her being a UN Goodwill Ambassador, has been less vocal than Pitt regarding her support for President Obama, on one occasion Jolie even went so far as to say that while there are many issues to tackle, and he will need to surround himself with a good team, an Obama Administration would be good for her family.

In the end, we're calling this report false, as should you until the actress (and not an anonymous source with their own agenda) officially goes on the record.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Look At The Sarah Palin Book Tour

If you haven't been busy watching Fox News (and we hope you haven't), Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll at New Left Media do a great job of documenting her fans' extreme views on the country, as well as extreme views on our President all while exposing their lack of knowledge regarding any of Sarah Palin's political stances.

Take a look:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

TKC: Weekly Political Power Rankings

For those trying to keep up with local politicos. Check out TKC's weekly political power rankings.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Poll: Blunt Hurts Blunt, Nixon Still strong

A newly released PPP Poll says that Roy Blunt's chances at the US Senate are facing an uphill battle. No, not due to his ties to Abramoff and some of the most corrupt politicians in history. He is hurt due to his son, Former Governor Matt Blunt.

29% of Missourians said positive things about Matt Blunt as Governor. Yikes.

On the other hand, Governor Nixon still remains one of only 3 Governors in the nation to continue to get favorable support of their electorate. That says tremendous things about the job he is doing in office.

Inheriting a state like Missouri during these times is a task few could handle. We at the KC Blue Blog believe the Governor has had to make bold decisions in the face of economic struggles across the nation. All of this while dealing with a hyper partisan Missouri House of Representatives and a wildcard Missouri Senate.

This should bring good news to Democrats across Missouri. Few in this nation have a Governor with strong support.

Things All 'Funk'ed Up At City Hall: Did Mayor Break Charter By Sending Home More Than Cauthen?

Tony's Kansas City has been all over The Mayor's recent fiasco involving the suspension of City Manager Wayne Cauthen.

Today he is reporting that "Yesterday, before the Northland Council folk were able to get their ducks in a row. Mayor Funky made the dumb move of sending some of City Manager Cauthen's favorite City Hall employees home."

According to TKC's source, the employees were suspended by Mayor Mark Funkhouser, without consent of The City Manager, before Wayne Cauthen's suspension was even voted on.

This move will clearly open the door for appeals, reviews and hearings as no reason was given for their suspension or termination.

If City Manager Wayne Cauthen and/or fellow employees, who feel they have been wrongfully suspended or terminated, file a written complaint with The Human Resources Board within 10 business days of when the suspension or termination was handed out, a review must and will take place in timely fashion which could open the door for serious political problems not just on the part of the mayor but also for members of The HR Board.

Members of the Human Resources Board are: Alexandra Hutchings, Gilberto Acevedo and Joseph Moreland.

In such reviews, the Human Resources Board will need to request all documents pertaining to these employees' work. If there is nothing that can prove reasonable cause for suspension/termination a case could be made that they were fired for political reasons thus breaking Sec. 907 of the Charter and clearly opening another ethics investigation and/or lawsuit(s).

In the case of Suspended City Manager Wayne Cauthen, you can expect that he will invoke Sec. 218B- 3.B which states

The City Manager may, in writing filed with the City Clerk within ten days after receipt of the notification, demand a written statement of the reasons for such suspension or removal and a hearing before the Council. This statement shall be provided within ten days of the request. The Council shall hold a hearing no earlier than five and no later than fifteen days after the City Manager is provided a written statement of reasons for suspension or removal from office. The hearing before the Council shall be a public hearing unless otherwise ordered by a court

As most of this seems purely political, we recommend that the City Council use Sec. 212 and hold its own investigation into the suspension of City Manager Wayne Cauthen and the reported termination/suspension of other employees viewed as allies of Mr. Cauthen. Section 212 states:

The Council, or any committee of the Council so authorized by it shall have power to inquire into the conduct of any department or office of the City and to make investigation as to City affairs and matters of municipal interest, and for that purpose may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, and compel by subpoenaduces tecum, the production of books, papers and other evidence. The Council shall provide by ordinance the penalty or penalties for contempt in refusing to obey any such subpoenas, or to produce such books, papers and other evidence and shall have the power to provide by ordinance for the punishment of any such contempt.

Stay tuned as this should get interesting...

Things All 'Funk'ed Up At City Hall: Mayor Ambushes Wayne Cauthen, Moves To Suspend Him, Has Him Escorted Out Of The Building.

Here we go again folks. Tony's Kansas City reported yesterday that in an attempt to garner political capital, that he currently doesn't have, just minutes before the start of the City Council session, The Mayor placed on the agenda a vote to suspend City Manager Wayne Cauthen.

The Kansas City Star is reporting that Council members voting to support Funkhouser in suspending Cauthen were Jan Marcason, Deb Hermann, Bill Skaggs, Russ Johnson, Cindy Circo, and Beth Gottstein. Those opposing were Terry Riley, Melba Curls, Sharon Sanders Brooks, Ed Ford, Cathy Jolly and John Sharp. The measure needed six council votes to ratify, so it passed.

It's important to note that this is a suspension, not a termination, as the Council needs nine council votes to terminate Cauthen's contract--votes that Funkhouser currently does not have.

In what could be perhaps the Mayor's most unprofessional decision yet, and yet another example of this mayor and his team not having a clue at what they are doing, at 2:30pm Wayne Cauthen was escorted out by the head of city security. While being taken out of the building The Star reported Cauthen as saying
“I don’t want to comment,” “It’s similar to what’s been going on before.”

According to The Star, Funkhouser wrote a letter to The Council and was quoted as saying “As you know, I believe we need new leadership for the City,” Funkhouser wrote in the letter to his council colleagues. “As of today, I am exercising the authority given to me as the Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, to suspend the City Manager, effective immediately. In the interim, the city manager has been asked to vacate the premises immediately.”

The move to no surprise stirred a heated debate as several council members who opposed the suspension said they learned about the move just minutes before the business session started--further proving this move to be purely political. Councilman Ford and Councilman Sharp were quoted as calling the move “government by ambush,” and a “palace coup.” They said the mayor should have provided some public notice for an action of this magnitude, and that the treatment of the manager was shabby at best.

During the debate, to no surprise Mayor Funkhouser and other supporters of the suspension did not provide any further explanation for their vote.

Likewise, Cauthen’s attorney, Charles Harris, said that at 1:05 p.m. the mayor came into Cauthen’s office and demanded his resignation without an explanation. Harris said Funkhouser then told Cauthen that if he wouldn’t resign, he had the votes for suspension. Cauthen was informed his suspension was with pay, but was given no clue as to its duration.

Harris said Cauthen has submitted a written demand for the reasons for the suspension, as he is entitled to do.

It's clear in our opinion that the mayor is just passing the buck as the lack of solid, informed leadership starts at his office. Both he and his staff are and always have been absolutely clueless as to what is best for this city. Additionally, it's clue that this mayor is more interested finding a political future than resolving any problem occurring in this city.

KC Blue Blog would like to know in detail Mayor Funkhouser's reasons for making such a spontaneous move without allotting time for reasonable notice or discussion before The Council. He owes it to City Manager Wayne Cauthen, The City Council, and most importantly the people of Kansas City.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Senate Democratic Leaders Deliver Senate Bill. Republicans Promise "Holy War" To Block Americans From Better Health Care.

More than 60 years ago, President Harry Truman said every man should have the peace of mind of having health insurance. This week, that peace of mind should become a reality.

The official heath care reform bill has been delivered to The Senate and will be voted on this week. The bill will cover 95% of legal Americans, cost the country less than the original House bill, drive down federal deficits by an estimated $127 billion over 10 years, prohibit companies from placing annual or lifetime limits on client coverage, prohibit healthcare companies from refusing client coverage due to preexisting conditions, increase healthcare coverage for senior citizens, cover health and wellness programs aimed to stop diabetes and heart disease, offer small business tax credits to employers offering health care plans, and will offer a government plan as well as a nonprofit plan to reduce the costs on healthcare.

Americans overwhelmingly want health care reform. They overwhelmingly want this plan. And Democrats are so confident about this bill that they actually put the 2,000 plus bill on their website:

So instead of supporting this bill, and supporting covering over 30 million more Americans, what do Republicans do?

They declare "a holy war" on this bill with the intent to delay, destroy or completely stop healthcare reform so that their healthcare lobbyist and corporate friends can continue getting wealthy while your health goes down and your pocketbook continues to empty.

Just another reason why Americans should completely avoid The Republican Party in every way.

Update: Look for websites to begin posting Fox News falsehoods as they are currently distorting the released Congressional Budget Office report on this bill.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glenn Beck: An Extremist With An Extremist Guest List

Maybe it's because nobody wants to come near the guy, or maybe it's just because the guy is an extremist himself. Regardless, take a look at some of Glenn Beck's frequent visitors--white supremacist, a devout southern secessionist, a defender of slavery, and a 9/11 skeptic.

Insurance Company Denies Coverage to 12-Year Old Boy Born Without Right Arm

Anyone not in favor of healthcare reform, should read this story by The Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post Investigative Fund's citizen journalism project writes that Benjamin French was born with his right arm missing below the elbow. In his 12 years, he has been fitted with seven prostheses. His most recent replacement will cost nearly $30,000 and his doctor says he will soon grow out of it.
But, according to his insurance company (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan), the boy is ineligible for further coverage of prosthetic devices because he has already spent his lifetime maximum benefit.

Benjamin's family happens to live in Michigan, one of 33 states where insurance companies are allowed to set annual and lifetime caps on prosthetic coverage.

To no surprise, a spokesman for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan said the insurance company could not comment on individual cases.

Larry Johnson Signs With Bengals. Calls KC "Small Market". Talks Trash To Chiefs On Facebook.

As expected, today AFC North Division leaders The Cincinnati Bengals have signed Larry Johnson throughout the rest of the season for the league's veteran minimum --a move that has offended Cincinnati's local gay rights organization--the Equality Group.

In Johnson's first press conference since his days of slamming Todd Haley and the LGBT community on Twitter, Johnson and The Bengals began calling this move a new opportunity and repeated that Johnson has learned his lesson.

Tell that to Chief's fans on Facebook.

On his facebook account, immediately after the deal went down, Johnson posted that he and The Bengals are "'Gonna gallop all over the Chiefs. Cleat prints on the chests. Mud in the face."

And he wasn't the only player to speak on the issue.

Buffalo star wideout Terrel "T.O." Owens also used Twitter to take a stance on the issue and jab at Haley. “Tht’s wassup!! I’m happy Larry Johnson signed w/Bengals! He’s def n a better situation than n KC under tht HC!” wrote Owens

After Johnson fielded questions about his locker room leadership--which to no surprise he defended--when asked about why he was suspended twice for his poor on and off the field behavior if he were such a leader, Johnson said that it wasn't an attitude problem, it was “a relationship that was souring in Kansas City, and being in a small market,” Johnson said, “every little thing I say is going to be blown up to mythical proportions. (Scott) Pioli and Todd (Haley) felt it was the best way to silence the whole situation was to let me go.”

The Chiefs play The Bengals in Cinci on December 27th. When asked about the chance to play against the Chiefs Johnson said “I’d be lying if I said I ain’t looking at that game (as one) I want to definitely play in … if that happens, it would be the best Christmas gift I could get.”

KC Blue Blog Prediction: As The Chiefs have begun fighting for an 8-8 season, Don't worry too much Kansas City. Larry Johnson won't accomplish anything against us. Chiefs win 24-17.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Republicans Still Don't Get It. Their Solution For The GOP's Future: A Dick Cheney/ Sarah Palin Ticket?

It's official........ again. Republican Party leaders have no clue what they are doing or what is best for America's future. And it doesn't seem like they will catch a clue anytime soon.

It was apparent during the 2008 presidential elections as we watched The GOP circus, known as McCain/Palin, tour the country giving speeches that made the country say "What?" and millions of lifelong Republicans jump ship.

It was as clear as spring water when we watched the country, both Republican and Democrat, overwhelmingly vote for then Senator Barack Obama--sending a message of "Change" to The GOP/D.C. politicos only interested in their pocket books.

Immediately after the elections, we watched The GOP spiral into disaster as Sarah Palin began what we'll call her "Public Relations Disaster Tour" of the country preaching rhetoric only heard by the country's most extreme right-wingers.

In the end, last November we watched the country, world, Democrats, Independents and Republicans agree that 8 years of the Bush Administration was a really bad idea, and John McCain/Sarah Palin as a presidential ticket--even worse. Shortly after, Republican leaders started their elephant eat elephant media war and promised concerned party members that they would get back on track.

So what solution do GOP leaders come up with over a year later? Promoting Dick Cheney/Sarah Palin 2012 ticket.

Wow. Just another reason why you should continue voting Democrat.

TKC Delivers Weekly Political Power Rankings

For KC readers needing a frequent update on political movers and shakers, Tony's Kansas City delivers his TKC Weekly Political Power Rankings.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Tony's Kansas City is reporting that Missouri Democrats have been cleaning their GOP counterparts' clocks all day over Republican Denny Hoskins' failure to pay his taxes, lieing about how he was planning to pay them, and then magically coming up with $20k overnight.

Take a look:

(TKC Note: Speaking of Missouri politics, all day the Dems have been beating the crap out of their GOP couterparts because of a tax mess that was supposed to be taken care of by now raises even more questions. Check out their latest press release . . .)

The $20,000 Question: Questions Surround Hoskins Payment

After being caught red handed Hoskins Couldn’t Give a Deadline, Less Than 24 Hours Later He Cuts a $20,000 Check?

Jefferson City, MO—According to media reports, yesterday just before the collector’s office closed, State Rep. Denny Hoskins turned in a $20,317.89 check, less than 24 hours after being caught delinquent on his taxes. In a statement after being caught red handed Hoskins stated he didn’t have the money “due to the recession” and stated he was on a “tax installment plan” that never actually existed and is not available for delinquent amounts owed under Johnson County statute.

Today questions surround Representative Hoskins, who until yesterday refused to pay over $20,000 in taxes he was legally required to pay 11 months earlier.

“Yesterday morning Hoskins didn’t have enough money to pay a delinquent $500 invoice let alone the other $20,000 he owed; even going so far as to claim he was on a fake “tax installment plan” that isn’t even allowed by law. However by yesterday afternoon, he’s cutting a $20,000 check? Where did the money come from? Who did he get it from and were special favors requested in the terms of this loan?” asked Chris Moreno, Executive Director of the Missouri House Democratic Campaign Committee.

According to documents verified by media outlets, Denny Hoskins was given 5 separate invoices he was delinquent on since Dec. 31, 2008. Those invoices ranged from $500 to $9,637, all of which Hoskins knew about and stated he could not pay 24 hours ago. Instead, Hoskins tried to hide that he was on a “tax installment plan” when Johnson County doesn’t permit such plans for delinquent taxes. However, according to the Collector’s office, Hoskins could have paid any of those invoices in full, but chose not to.

“If he had it all along, why did he shortchange Johnson County for an entire year? Hoskins is on record being extremely dishonest throughout this process. The citizens deserve to finally have honest answers to these questions,” said Moreno.

Give the people of Johnson County, Missouri a hand for standing up, raising questions and calling for a change in leadership. They deserve better.

While looking into this, we found the website to Democrat Courtney Cole's campaign.

Missourians deserve better than Republican Denny Hoskins. Help put Missouri's 121st District in good hands.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Republican State Rep Fails To Pay Over $20,000 In Taxes

The Warrensburg Daily-Star Journal has reported that Republican State Rep. Denny Hoskins has failed to pay over $20,300 in taxes since holding office.

Ironically, the freshman Republican is a CPA and sits on the state budget committee.

County documents show that the freshman Republican has received 5 delinquent bills from Johnson County and was issued over $4,000 in tax penalties for being delinquent almost 1 year.

The Republican blamed the recession on failing to follow the law saying:

"It's not something my brother and I are proud of, but our rental property business is struggling just like other, many Missouri businesses, and when our tenants are struggling to pay their rent due to the economic recession, we struggle to pay our mortgage payment and property taxes," Hoskins said."

So he goes on to blame everyone else but himself for not following the law?

Even worse is the Daily-Star Journal goes on to say that the Republican "offered no time line on paying his taxes".

So is the CPA State Rep saying that he is going to ignore the December 31st, 2009 deadline to pay his already 1 year delinquent taxes?

It's time this guy is held accountable. The economy is tough but word is this guy is a CPA and is about to open a new office blocks from the properties he is failing to pay property taxes at!!!

Rep. Hoskins should be ashamed for failing to take responsibility for not paying his taxes. Instead, he is blaming the economy and students renting from him for his failure to follow the law. You have to try to not pay $20,317 in taxes.

We at the KC Blue Blog believe it is apparent that this State Representative feels that he does not have to respect the law. Therefore, we are calling on him to be removed from the State Budget Committee. If as an elected official you aren't paying your taxes, then you cannot be trusted to spend our tax dollars wisely.

Fellow bloggers are reporting that there may be more coming, so stay tuned...

Mattie Rhodes Center Celebrates Thursday 115 Years of Brightening Lives And Building Futures

When people think about community organizations they mention a number of groups. Most of them do really good work. One of those groups at the top of the list in our opinion is The Mattie Rhodes Center.

Founded in 1894 by a group of friends who called themselves the Little Gleaners with a $500 donation from friend/Little Gleaner Mattie Florence Rhodes who passed in 1890, the Mattie Rhodes Memorial Society was born.

In its early years, Mattie Rhodes Memorial Society provided daycare for children of working mothers and began providing shelter and basic necessities during the Great Depression. Throughout the 1900s Mattie Rhodes added mental health and social services programs and became one of the first social service centers in Kansas City to commit to hiring bilingual and bicultural mental health and social service professionals to better serve the needs of various communities.

Over the years , thanks to both private donations as well as public assistance thousands of people's lives have been changed for the better. With these funds, not only were great programs implemented but great leaders and great teachers were brought in. One of those people is Luis Cordova, MS, CSAC II, Mattie Rhodes' Director of Community Programs. Anyone who has met Cordova knows that this guy knows exactly what he's talking about when it comes to mental health and bettering Kansas City's troubled communities.

When meeting Cordova, we instantly saw that his education and experience combined with his passion has driven this former California law enforcement officer turned mental health professional/community director/University of Central Missouri Professor to be the best at what he does.

Unlike a lot of people who we have met that are involved in COMBAT, Cordova's only agenda is bettering youth and bettering Kansas City. He doesn't play the political games that limit progress; not in the least bit. Instead, regardless of whether he's in the roughest of neighborhoods or teaching university students in Warrensburg, Cordova quietly listens to those he knows, meets or teaches and challenges them to think outside of the box, silence their personal prejudices or agendas and open doors that promote unity, education and progress.

His work and the work of many others at The Mattie Rhodes Center is exactly why we encourage you to attend The Brightening Lives, Building Futures Luncheon, Thursday November 12th from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. The event will be held in the Count Basie Ballroom at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown Hotel (200 W. 12th Street) and is open to the public through reservations; please call 816-581-5622 for more information.

There is no charge to attend the luncheon however a fundraising appeal asking attendees to consider making a tax-deductible donation to the agency will be made at the event. Donations made at the event will be matched by the Adelante Fund of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation; the Fund will match up to $30,000 in donations.

If you can't make it, go here to donate and help better Kansas City's communities.


In celebration of Veteran's Day, The Huffington Post gives 5 things you may not know about our veterans and dozens of ways that you can help. Take a look

Brad Blog Tea Party Express "Rise of the Tea Bags" Is A Must Watch

We at The Kc Blue Blog believe that this hillarious series is a must see for all Democrats. Brad Blog has taken himself on tour on the "Tea Party Express: Rise of the Tea Bags" to get live video footage of the outrage across America by tea baggers upset at President Obama know...


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mike Burke vs. Sly James: And The Candidates Begin

Mike Burke, President / CEO of King Hershey Law Firm, has officially entered the race for Mayor. He will join Attorney Sly James in the race for what will certainly be one of the best Mayoral races in Kansas City history. That is unless another 7 candidates jump in. If that is the case, it will turn into one of the best reality tv shows in history.

Anyways, their bios read:

Michael Burke is President and CEO of King Hershey, PC. He is a life long Kansas City resident and attended Rockhurst High School. He received his undergraduate degree in History from Georgetown University in 1970 and his Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center where he was Research Editor for Law and Policy in International Business.

Mr. Burke has served in a variety of capacities on behalf of the City of Kansas City, Missouri including:

    . First District City Councilman

    . Chair of the Public Improvements Advisory Committee (PIAC)

    . Chair of the Impact Fee Advisory Committee

    . Co-Chair of the 2007 Capital Improvements Sales Tax Campaign

    . Co-Chair of the Downtown Bond Campaign

    . Co-Chair of the 2005 Water Bond Campaign

    . Chair of the All America City Committee

    . Chair of the Kansas City Riverfest

    . Board of Directors of the Convention and Visitors Association

    . Chair of the Kansas City Port Authority

    . Board of Directors of the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority

    . Member and Subcommittee Chair of the Community Infrastructure Committee

    . Chair of the Riverfront Development Task Force

    . Member of the Advisory Committee on the Kansas City Development Code

    . Advisory Committee Kansas City Trails Task Force

Mr. Burke is active in the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and the Northland Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber as well as Chair of the Kansas City Committee of the Chamber. He is a member of the Chamber's Kansas City Business Leadership Council working with the City of Kansas City on long range budget issues.

Mr. Burke's legal career which began in 1973 includes representation of a wide variety of both public and private clients in the area of land use, municipal law and real estate development. He was a founding member and legal counsel to the Platte County Industrial Development Authority. He currently serves on the technical legal advisory committee for the new City of Kansas City Development Code and is general counsel to the Kansas City Port Authority. Mr. Burke served as lead attorney in the City's and Port Authority's sale of the former Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base, a complicated transaction requiring the involvement of a dozen Federal, State and local agencies. Mr. Burke was also lead counsel on the sale of approximately 4,000 acres of industrial property in Kansas City to an affiliate of the Mormon Church.

Kansas City Magazine has recognized Mr. Burke's legal achievements for three years in a row with the 'Super Lawyer' designation as Top Attorney in the category of Government/Cities and Municipalities.

He currently serves on the Local Government Law and Real Estate Committees of the Kansas City and Missouri Bar Associations. He is a member of the American Bar Association.

Burke is going to be a strong Mayoral candidate and many believe he immediately becomes a tied front runner to Sly James.

Here is Sly James Bio:

Sylvester "Sly" James, Jr. was born on December 9, 1951 in Kansas City, Kansas. He has been married to Licia E. Clifton-James since 1981 and he is the father of four children: Eric, 37; Malik, 35; Kyle, 20; and Aja, 16.

He attended and graduated from Bishop Hogan High School in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1969. He was president of his junior class. While in high school, he was the lead singer in the Amelia Earhart Memorial Flying Band (later re-named Manchester Trafficway) from 1965 to 1970, during which the band was the opening act for the Jefferson Airplane during their performance in Kansas City.

He entered the United States Marine Corps in 1971. He was stationed in California, Japan and the Philippines where he served as a military policeman for four years, and received an honorable discharge in 1975.

Mr. James graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (cum laude) from Rockhurst College in 1980. While in college, Mr. James was a member of the Student Senate and the TKE fraternity. Mr. James attended Syracuse University Law School from 1980 to 1981. He then transferred and received his Juris Doctorate (cum laude) from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1983. While in law school, Mr. James was a student director in the Legal Aid Clinic and a member of the Black Law Student Association moot court team, which placed second in the 1982 national competition.

Mr. James joined Blackwell Sanders Matheny Weary & Lombardi as an associate in August 1983. He became the first African-American partner in the firm's history on January 1, 1990. As an attorney at Blackwell Sanders, Mr. James practiced extensively in the areas of personal injury and insurance defense litigation.

In ten years of practice at Blackwell Sanders, Mr. James tried cases concerning legal malpractice, insurance contracts, malicious prosecution, personal injury and intentional torts. He was also appointed by the federal district court to represent defendants in several criminal cases, including United States v. Gilbert Dowdy, et al., a nine-week trial, in which he successfully defended Samuel Dowdy, the only one of 12 defendants who neither pled guilty nor was convicted.

On January 18, 1993, Mr. James and fellow Blackwell Sanders Matheny Weary & Lombardi partner Nancy Kenner, left to form their own firm, Kenner & James, P.C. The firm emphasized a practice in plaintiff's personal injury, medical malpractice, and nursing home negligence.

In December 1998, Paul Kavanaugh joined Kenner & James as a partner and the firm name changed to Kenner, James & Kavanaugh, P.C. The firm continued to emphasize its practice in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, and nursing home negligence.

In February 2002, Mr. James left the Kenner, James & Kavanaugh firm to form The Sly James Firm, Trial Lawyers, P.C., now The Sly James Firm, where he continues to emphasize a practice in plaintiff's personal injury, medical negligence, nursing home negligence and civil litigation.

Mr. James has an active and varied trial practice. He has tried cases concerning medical negligence, legal malpractice, personal injury, products liability, business disputes, and nursing home negligence in the federal and state courts of Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas.

In November 1994, he tried the case of Michael Smith, et al., v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company to a substantial verdict. He was one of 6 class counsel who represented 2100 Missouri prison inmates who were illegally housed in Texas. Working with other class counsel, Mr. James helped to obtain the largest known settlement at that time ($2.25 million) for prisoners against a private prison company in the United States. He was also on the Steering Committee and one of the class counsel representing victims of Robert Courtney, a pharmacist convicted of diluting chemotherapy medications of hundreds of cancer patients.

In nearly 30 years of practice, Mr. James has tried in excess of 85 cases to verdict. Mr. James has also been appointed by judges of the Jackson County Circuit Court to act as a special master in litigation cases. He has also acted as neutral mediator and arbitrator in excess of 100 cases.

Mr. James is active in political, community and civic activities. He has been a member and board secretary of the board of trustees of the Eye Foundation of Kansas City, Inc.; a member of the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City Education Committee; a member of the board of the United Way; executive board of the Committee for County Progress; the steering committee of the Partnership for Children, a joint project of the United Way and the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation; president of the board of Bishop Hogan High School; a member of the board of trustees of Notre Dame de Sion schools; a member of the board of Operation Breakthrough; and a member of the board and vice-chair of the Genesis School. He is also a graduate of the Kansas City Tomorrow program sponsored by the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City.

Mr. James was appointed to the board of directors of the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, Missouri and to the board of the Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority (LCRA) by former Mayor Kay Barnes. Recently, he was also appointed to the boards of the Enhanced Enterprise Zones of Kansas City and the Jackson County Ethics Commission. He served as one of four co-chairs of the Save Our Stadiums committee, a successful tax initiative to refurbish the Truman Sports Complex in Kansas City in 2006.

Mr. James was president of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association in 2003. Between 1992 and 2002, he was a member, secretary and later the president of the Missouri Board of Law Examiners. Mr. James is a director of the Kansas City Bar Foundation and vice president of the Public Interest Litigation Clinic. He was formerly the vice-president of the board of directors of Legal Aid of Western Missouri and treasurer of the Jackson County Bar Association.

In the past, he has also served as a member of the Missouri Bar Foresight Committee; the Missouri Supreme Court ad hoc Committee on Judicial Circuit Boundaries; the Missouri Supreme Court ad hoc Committee to examine Rule 2 (Judicial conduct), and chairman of the KCMBA Sports and Entertainment Law Committee. He has also served as the chair of the KCMBA Nursing Home Negligence Committee, as a member of the KCMBA CLE Committee; the chair of the KCMBA Emergency Preparedness Committee; the board of governors of the Missouri Bar Association; a master in division II of the KCMBA Inn of Court program; and a member of the Jackson County Bar Association.

He is currently the chair of the KCMBA Diversity Committee. He is a fellow of the American Bar Association and a member of the board of governors of the Missouri Association of Trial Lawyers (MATA).

Mr. James has spoken on various litigation and trial topics at ATLA/AAJ seminars in Puerto Rico, Toronto, Palm Springs, Hawaii, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, and Montreal, as well as ABA seminars in Toronto and Seattle.

He has spoken at numerous CLE programs in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Arkansas. He has also published articles regarding nursing home litigation in ATLA's Trial Magazine, as well as other writings for other publications and seminars.

Litigation Percentage:
100% of Practice Devoted to Litigation
Bar Admissions:
Missouri, 1983
U.S. District Court Eastern District of Missouri, 1983
U.S. District Court Western District of Missouri, 1983
University of Minnesota Law School, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1983
J.D., Doctor of Jurisprudence
Honors: Cum Laude

Rockhurst College, Kansas City, Missouri, 1980
B.A., Bachelor of Arts
Honors: Cum Laude

Honors and Awards:
"Best of the Bar," The Business Journal, 2004

Professional Associations and Memberships:
Kansas City Bar Association, 1988 - 1993

Jackson County Bar Association

Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys

Heart of America United Way

Committee for County Progress

Kansas City Agenda

Missouri Association of Trial Lawyers
Board Member

Missouri Board of Law Examiners

Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association
Co-Chair, Committee on Small Firm and Solo Practice

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Kinder Twitter-Gate: Time for an Apology and Suspension

We at the KC Blue Blog are all about new generation media outlets such as twitter, facebook, myspace and blogs. But as more elected officials get involved in the new technology you would think there would be a level of accountability.

That is, unless they have a habitual problem spreading misinformation.

Enter Republican Lt. Governor Peter Kinder.

Kinder and his team must have been hungover from the Tour of Missouri partying.

After a very serious situation unfolded Kinder and his Deputy Lt. Governor began tweeting and jumping on any news opportunity possible spreading information that simply added to the panic. Here in Kansas City, they were on every news network possible.

Deputy Lt. Governor Jerry Dowell even went so far as to say in a tweet "apparently shots were fired". The Lt. Governor went on television saying "third party sources are reporting shots were fired". Was his source, his own Deputy?

Not taking a moment to miss a political jab at Governor Nixon (even when someone's life could be on the line) Deputy Lt. Governor Dowell went on to say on another tweet "So was there a hostage situation? Shots fired? I think we need @missourinet to do some investigating. Maybe someone just mad about ecoli."

Now, KY 3 in Springfield is reporting that both Peter Kinder and Jerry Dowell have deleted tweets in a hope of covering up their misinformation campaign to get political press.

We at the KC Blue Blog are calling on the Lt. Governor to apologize to Missourians for his actions. We are also calling on him to suspend his Deputy Lt. Governor without pay for his blatant misinformation and political selfishness in a very serious time for Missouri.

He was so proud to claim on television that "he was the first to tweet about it" and now he's erased those very same tweets.

We think it's obvious why.

Time for Kinder to Answer Questions About Tour of Missouri Spending

Fired up Missouri has obtained public documents showing that Lt. Governor Peter Kinder's staff supervised Tour of Missouri turned into a Tour of Missouri Frat Party.

Documents show that the Kinder Frat Party Tour spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars living the dream at several restaurants buying thousands in shrimp and booze.

In a scene right out of a movie, Kinder's Frat team went on a spending spree and Fired Up Missouri has it all broken down:

Big food and alcohol bills
A number of events in September 2008 came with significant food and bar bills. For instance, at the conclusion of the race on September 14, organizers ran up a whopping $19,999.13 bill at J. Buck's in St. Louis:

  • $6,460 for an open bar
  • $9,196 for a buffet
  • $2,818 in gratuity

And that total doesn't include entertainment for the party, which cost an additional $2,030. The previous week, before the race began, organizers spent an impressive $17,533 at the Hyatt Crown Center in Kansas City:

  • $3,443 on alcohol
  • $150 on bartenders
  • $9,639 on food
  • $2,747 in service charges

In just a few days before the race, organizers spent $37,812 on meals, alcohol, drinks and room service at the Kansas City Airport Hilton. Most of that money was for banquet meals, but a cool $94.14 was spent on a room service cheese and wine platter for two.

Based on an initial review of other expense reports obtained with a Sunshine request to the Dept. of Economic Development, charging room service meals to the Tour was not necessarily an infrequent practice. For instance, the morning after the big party at the Hyatt Crown Center noted above, a separate room service breakfast was happily expensed to TOM, Inc.

Hospitality Expenses
Tour organizers also spent large sums of money on hospitality areas for the race. A total of $51,200 was paid to Creative Events for hospitality expenses over a four day span last year (9/11/08-9/15/08) as follows:

  • $34,100 for "hospitality" charges (presumably food and drink)
  • $5,550 for servers
  • $5,600 for bartenders
  • $4,000 for linens and buffet equipment rentals
  • even $2,000 for Ted Drewes Ice Cream

In addition, $10,000 was paid to a "hospitality coordinator" without supporting documentation or contract, and $2,270 was paid to a "hospitality assistant" without supporting documentation.

Other interesting expenses
Reading through the accountants' report, a few other bills stood out:

  • $13,259 in announcer salary, reimbursed to Medalist Sports
  • $1,957 to rent an inflatable arch from a company in Austin, Texas
  • $51,585 in meals reimbursed to Medalist Sports

It total, $2,274,794 was paid to Tour of Missouri, Inc. in 2008 from public entities, making up a full 70% of its deposits for the year. This public money came from the Division of Tourism, Department of Agriculture, Missouri Development Finance Board and State of Missouri. The accountants' report flags an interesting $25,000 of this total from the "State of Missouri" -- it was deposited on November 7, 2008 without supporting documentation, and "coded to Agri Missouri by TOM."

We at The KC Blue Blog are calling on Lt. Governor Peter Kinder to answer publicly how the tour, which his staff is deeply involved in, can waste this kind of money?

An even more important question is whether Peter was there when this money was spent?

We shall see.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kansas City Pops Bottles As Chiefs Move Toward A Future Without Larry Johnson

According to the Associated Press and Kansas City Star, The Chiefs have finally released running back turned social media disaster, Larry Johnson. The 30 year old running back, who was drafted by The Chiefs, has made no secrets about his discontent with our beloved franchise and city. Likewise, neither have the people of Kansas City as close to 11 thousand Chiefs fans signed a petition to rid of the troubled, money hungry running back.

Today, after a series of insulting and unprofessional off the field actions by Johnson--absolutely zero giving back to the community--The Chiefs have finally opened the chapter in Kansas City football by releasing the team's 2ndleading rusher.

The move came as Larry Johnson needed roughly 75 yards rushing to top Chief icon Priest Holmes as the team's all-time rushing leader. Today, that record will stay where it belongs--with Priest Holmes.

What The Chiefs need are leaders, both on and off the field--leaders like Priest Holmes was for this franchise. Part of the role of being the team's star player used to mean --and should continue to mean-- that you should also be the team's star community leader.

How Larry Johnson was just handed the franchise without any community responsibility or locker room leadership is beyond us--as it was obvious since college that he had no interest in either. Today, Larry Johnson gets his wish and will probably find his way onto another team by week's end.

But don't think he gets the last laugh Kansas City as both our city and team are better today without him.

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