Thursday, December 3, 2009


The Associated Press, ESPN and CBS Sports is reporting that KU Head Coach Mark Mangino has resigned two years after leading the Jayhawks to their best season ever.

As Jason King from Yahoo! Sports put it "Saturday, less than an hour before Mark Mangino coached his final football game at Kansas, associate athletic director Jim Marchiony stood on the Arrowhead Stadium sideline as the Jayhawks went through warmups.By then it had become obvious that Mangino would be gone the following week amid allegations of verbal abuse toward his players. Mangino knew it, the media knew it and so did Kansas fans – including one who screamed at Marchiony from the stands" writes King

Even after what would be his final game Mangino said he had no regrets about how he’d coached his team the previous eight years, adding that he wouldn’t make any changes to his style if he were brought back for a ninth season.

Quoting the famed Mexican Revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, Mangino told reporters “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees,”

King put it best when he writes "At the very least, Mangino can always hold his head high about what he accomplished at Kansas, where he completely changed the culture of a program that seemed destined for eternal mediocrity.
Kansas is an attractive job again, and for that the Jayhawks can thank Mangino, who leaves Lawrence with a handful of bowl rings and coaching awards.
And hardly any friends

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