Thursday, December 3, 2009

Missouri Republicans Jump On The Crazy Train!

There's no doubt about it, the debate on healthcare reform is this week's top headline. But while Democrats around the country and in Congress are pressing hard to move our country in the right direction by making sure your healthcare costs go down while the quality of healthcare you receive goes way up, you may start to ask yourself "What are Republicans doing for America?"

The Answer: Nothing positive.

And that includes Missouri Republican extremist Cynthia Davis and Republican Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri's 2nd Congressional District--otherwise known as the guy that botched the Pledge of Allegience while leading a group of crazy Republican at a tea party for corporate friends event.

All across the country, over the last few months we have seen extremist Republicans, like Rush Limbaugh, Todd Akin, Crazy Michelle Bachman, Roy Blunt, Cynthia Davis and Glenn Beck stir the crazy pot and fule the fire of hatred and divisiveness in this country and in Missouri. Today is no different.

The same Repubican extremist website that jumped off the deep end and sponsored a billboard asking for President Obama's Birth Certificate--which has also led to another billboard (seen above) showing Obama in a turbin-- has started a campaign to send pink slips to members of Congress who are planning to vote for or have voted for this country's economic stimulus plan, the newly passed hate-crimes bill, and healthcare reform. One of the voices leading the campaign is Republican Congressman from Missouri Todd Akin.

Problem is that the pink slip (left) is a classic example of right wing extremism.

Not only does the pink slip lie to voters by saying that Health care reform is "government health care" that "funds abortions, rationing and euthanasia" (an attempt to play the crazy socialism card), it also really crosses the line by saying that the "Hate Crimes" bill (otherwise known as Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act) "protects pedophiles and sends pastors to prison for biblical positions and speech" --a quote that not only is 100% false, but also suggests that this Todd Akin approved and supported pink slip movement prefers to support extremists like Rev. Fred Phelps and Pastor Martin Ssempa over victims of hate crimes.

To top it all off, during tough economic times, the website that started this campaign charges you nearly $30 dollars to send one sheet of paper called your pink slip!

This stance and the other crazy off the deep end stances that Republican Todd Akin and Cynthia Davis have taken are nothing new to their agenda.

Back in September, at a crazy right wing conference held in St. Louis titled "How to Take Back America", extremist right wingers from around the country flew in to express their anger and hatred and learned how to fuel the fire of the movement. The conference was put on by no other than local nativist Phyllis Schlafly and The Eagle Forum (Blue Note- see: friend of Funkhouser Parks Board Appointee Frances Semler).

The main topics might scare you: Comparing Obama to facism/marxim/nazism and what they called 'The Gay Agenda'.

Local conference attendees/speakers who should definitely scare you: Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Ark.) US Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), US Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), MO Rep. Cynthia Davis, as well as Missouri Republican candidates Ed Martin and Vicky Hartzler and to no surprise UMKC's very own Krazy Kris Kobach.

(Blue Note: Are you scared of Republicans yet? You should be. If not, check this out.)

The conference was so extreme that in an interview Schlafly was quoted as saying “Kitty has pointed out the parallels between the slow, incremental Hitler takeover of Austria and some of the things that are happening today,” said Schlafly, asked about Werthmann’s “How to Recognize Living Under Nazis and Communists” session. “She’s an expert on that. I see what [Obama] is doing as absolute socialism, as government ownership of the means of production.”

She of course was referring to Kitty Werthmann the 84-year-old native Austrian and leader of the South Dakota branch of the Eagle Forum who survived the excesses of the Third Reich and has made a career out of warning Americans that fascism is on its way.

Here's a piece of the conversation:

“We had prayer in school before we started class, and after class,” said Werthmann. “One day I came into the classroom and the crucifix was gone, and there was Hitler’s picture, and the Nazi flag on either side. And our teacher said, ‘Today we don’t pray anymore. We sing ‘Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles.’"

Werthmann explained how Hitler had euthanized mentally handicapped children, and how he’d kept lists of political enemies.

“What would you suggest we do,” asked one activist, “if we are asked to give up our guns?”
“Don’t you dare give up your guns!” thundered Werthmann. “Never, never, never!”
“Give them back one bullet at a time!” called out another activist.

And that was just the start...

Rev. Rick Scarborough, a pastor who advised Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign, pounded the podium at his Friday afternoon speech, warning of the president’s pro-gay agenda.

“The day the president put his hand on the bible,” said Scarborough, “his minions were changing official White House Website to reflect a whole new understanding of civil rights, to refer to homosexuals.” The Bible, said Scarborough, called these people “sodomites, which no one wants to talk about because it reminds them of their behavior.”

Some activists, and attendees followed this up with a breakout session on “How to Counter the Homosexual Extremist Movement,” and “How to Stop Feminist and Gay Attacks on the Military,” and also conspiracies like "The North American Union".

Peggy Carter, an Eagle Forum leader from North Carolina, was quoted saying that Obama was “anti-white,” and had only stealthily revealed that to Americans because “he can’t afford” to make it obvious.

Again folks, remember that they are talking about our President.

And then there was Missouri crazy republican Rep. Cynthia Davis, the Republican state legislator in Missouri who instead of focusing on Missouri has worked with "birther" lawyer Orly Taitz most of this year trying to find evidence that Obama isn't American. In fact, her and fellow MO Republican Rep. Timothy Jones actually signed on as plantiffs in the conspiracy case --which was to no surprise thrown out.

At the conference Davis said that lawsuits demanding proof of the president’s citizenship were chiefly about the integrity of the Constitution, and that because Obama’s father was Kenyan, Obama’s eligibility problems extended beyond his birth records.

To no surprise, The Eagle Forum speakers made fictional connections with Obama and Islam and led it to a battle with Christianity. One speaker said:

“It’s only because of intercessory prayer that we haven’t been hit again since September 11,” said Boykin. “Pray for America for 10 minutes a day. If we can mobilize millions of prayer warriors that can pray for 10 minutes a day, we can open the gates of heaven.”

The conference was closed by Former Arkansas Governor giving a speech and saying “God bless you,” said Huckabee, “and God bless Phyllis Schlafly most of all.”

We can't close this post any way other than demanding that US Rep. Todd Akin, MO Rep. Cynthia Davis, Ed Martin, Vicky Hartzler and The Missouri GOP

(1) apologize for attending this hate conference and denounce their affiliation or support of The Eagle Forum,

(2) denounce their affiliation or support of the pink slip campaign which not only misinforms voters but also suggests support for hate reverends such as Rev. Fred Phelps, Pastor Grant Swank and Martin Ssempa over the safety of their constituents,

(3) denounce their affiliation or support of World Net Daily --the sponsor of billboards suggesting our president is not American and the pink slip campaign,

(4) denounce World Net Daily's charging constituents $30 dollars in hard economic times to send a piece of paper to Washington D.C.

(5) denounce any billboard, propaganda or organization portraying our President as a "jihadist" and/or falsly portraying our President's religious affiliation (i.e. wearing a turbin when he is not Islamic).

(6) Go on the record as stating that they believe President Barack Obama is a naturally born citizen of The United States of America

(7) Apologize to The LGBT Community for attending conferences promoting prejudice, hatred, segregation and/or agression towards said community

(8) Apologize to the constituents of their district for using their elected platform to promote hate, prejudice, racist, ethnocentric or nativist agendas

(9) Openly/Publicly go on the record supporting Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act and the equal rights and treatment of all citizens equal rights of all men, women and children regardless of age, race, ethnicity, citizenship, religion, sexual orientation, gender or political party

(10) Openly/Pulicly go on the record denouncing Rev. Fred Phelps, Pastor Grant Swank, Martin Ssempa, The Eagle Forum, and/or any other religious, political, or private figure that opposes equal rights of all men, women and children regardless of age, race, ethnicity, citizenship, religion, sexual orientation, gender or political party.

(11) Openly/Publicly release any and all records showing financial contributions to The Eagle Forum, World Net Daily, Rev. and/or any organization or group that actively promotes an agenda in anyway similar or equal to the groups mentioned above or organizes/supports events that promote said agendas.

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