Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So Much For The Christian Conservative GOP: Republican And Former Speaker Rod "Green Balloons" Jetton Allegedly Drugs, Beats And Chokes Out Woman

The Star reported and The Scott County court clerk have confirmed that a felony complaint has been filed against former Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton for an incident that allegedly took place Nov. 15 in Sikeston, Mo.

According to the probable cause statement released by the Scott County Circuit Court Monday, Jetton took part in some seriously rough late night sexual relations that included using the safe word "Green Balloons".

However, after seeing the alleged victim's testimony to police detective Bethany McDermott --KY3 reported on-- things may get very serious for the former Missouri Speaker of The House. And they should. Take a look:

"(The woman) said she did not see him pour the wine because she did not follow him into the kitchen, but he returned to the living room and handed her a glass of wine. (The woman) remembers watching a football game and said once she finished the glass of wine, she began 'fading' in and out and remembered losing consciousness several times during the evening," wrote Detective Bethany McDermott in her report.

"(The woman) recalls Jetton hitting her on the face very hard. She then remembers waking up, lying on the floor and Jetton was choking her. (The woman) said she did not know what happened with her memory because she had been drunk but had never had the blank spots in her memory," McDermott reported.

"(The woman) said Jetton stayed the night with her and when he woke up he gave her a kiss and said, 'You should have said green balloons.' Jetton left the woman's residence and had not returned," McDermott added.

Casenet says the complaint was filed as a class C felony assault carrying a seven-year and/or a $5,000 penalty.

Does anyone really still buy the compassionate christian conservative lies of the GOP? Didn't think so. Just another reason not to vote Republican come election day.

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