Monday, March 15, 2010

MRA: Blunt's Moral Compass Is The True Compass Of Missouri Republicans

The Springfield News-Leader has a great story that all Democrats should be using this election season.

The Missouri Republican Assembly, which bills itself as the "Republican wing of the Republican Party" has endorsed D.C. resident and lobbyist candidate Roy Blunt saying "his moral compass points true north".

We at the KC Blue Blog wonder if the other seven candidates running against Blunt would agree that he has a moral compass that is the true direction of the Republican Party?

Afterall, Congressman Blunt's moral purity even earned him the honor of being named "One of the 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress". In fact, he was #2 on the list for trying "to insert provisions in bills that benefited a client of his lobbyist son, Andrew Blunt and the employer of his lobbyist girlfriend turned wife."

Thanks to the Missouri Republican Assembly for drawing the moral sand in the line for the Republican Party. Now every Republican elected official and candidate should go on record as to whether their moral compass is as "true north" as Roy Blunt.

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