Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kinder Urges Folks to "Fire Money Bomb" Nancy Pelosi

As national news outlets are expressing concerns over a new RNC website that has House Speaker Nancy Pelosi surrounded by fire, Missouri's top Republican Peter Kinder is joining in on the madness.

Tweeting today from his official account, Lt. Governor Kinder urged everyone that there is "12 hours left for the Fire Pelosi Money Bomb" and links the URL to the website that has the House Speaker up in flames. In fact, he links at last 3 times to that website depicting the Speaker in flames.

We at the KC Blue Blog have to express serious concerns about any elected official, let alone the Lt. Governor, using "fire" and "bomb" in the same sentence when speaking about another elected official.

Let's all be grown ups for a second. This is not a coincidence that the GOP has placed Speaker Pelosi in flames. It is not a coincidence that JoAnn Emerson was energizing a crowd to keep up the chaos in the capitol after violence and racism occurred.

The GOP leadership has pulled the oldest, ugliest political card in the book. One from the days of the civil rights era of the 1950s and of the workers rights era of the late 1800s: when you have no plan, scare people to act. We all know the results that follow.

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