Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Go For It.": President Obama And Blue Collar Midwest Americans Tell GOP That They Won't Turn Back

Give this President a lot of credit. When talk radio, 24-hour cable news and almost every pundit around the country wrote him, Democrats and healthcare reform off for 2010, instead of putting his head down he stands up for what he believes in and delivers. Make no mistake about it, while the country is still divided on the healthcare issue--thanks to the year long 24-hour campaign by Big Pharma Republicans courtesy of FOX News and talk radio-- history and reality tells us that many opponents of the bill are already beginning to come around.

Perhaps it's the fact that voters are actually looking at the bill instead of FOX News and Glenn Beck's description of it? Perhaps voters, as historically shown, regardless of their previous position just want to step up and support the President now that the legislation has been signed by him? Or Perhaps voters are beginning to see more of what the so called "Tea Party" movement is really about and have decided to support the millions of blue collar Americans supporting this bill; like the thousands we saw at the President's Iowa Rally today?

Maybe it's a combination of all of the above, but one thing is for sure, regardless of how long Republicans try to take away our reformed healthcare, it seems millions of Americans and The President of The United States have decided that they are not looking back.

Today, at a rally in Iowa President Obama moved thousands of Americans while speaking to them about the positive changes healthcare reform brings. Likewise, President Barack Obama stepped up to critics of the new health-care overhaul in a campaign-style stop here Thursday, challenging Republicans to try to repeal the two-day-old law.

“My attitude is, go for it,” the president told hundreds of people at the University of Iowa Field House.

You have to really admire his courage in the face of massive talk radio and cable news attacks. Perhaps it's because he realizes that Republicans talk a big game but are still completely out of touch from the average working class American. Regardless, President Obama stood in front of a crowd of over 3 thousand and sounded like a president who didn't just talk the talk, but on who has already walked the walk.

In fact, Thursday’s event was clearly reminiscent of the campaign rallies the president held all across the state on his way to winning the presidency in 2008.

The crowd roared when he was introduced, and the president greeted them with the first half of the familiar chant that marked his campaign before the caucuses.

“Are you fired up?” he asked.

We know we are.


  1. Great post. I am from Kansas City living in San Diego, and peoples perception of the midwest is that they are totally close minded and against Obama. I am glad to see that proved wrong sometimes.



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