Monday, March 1, 2010

Montee Shows Real Leadership

While Auditor may be the most boring statewide job (editor's note: we are bias because we hate math) when handled correctly it can show real leadership. State Auditor Susan Montee is doing just that.

Auditing the Kansas City Missouri School District takes real guts. Marilyn Simmons and company have driven the district off a cliff and into the water, only to hit a rock upon impact. Now the district is looking to cut $50 million this budget cycle.

Our new Superintendent Covington has made his proposal known to the public including closing up to 31 schools. That also takes guts. No matter what, in proposing a tough budget, it is in the best interest of the KCMO School District to have this audit.

If it comes back and shows minimal fraud, it will answer some critics. If it comes back showing massive fraud, it will confirm what many have expected.

Montee's initiative to take a look into the KCMO schools and St. Louis Schools shows she isn't afraid of the failed buddy system that has plagued these districts for decades. Instead of acting in the best interest of the students and families it serves, the KCMO School District has continued to act in the best interest of some of the people it pays. Usually that means you have to be loyal to the Simmons Regime.

So it is fitting that the audit starts as Simmons has compiled a "slate" ran by a former field organizer on the Obama campaign. That slate is the same failed business as usual. Hopefully for the best interest of our district and the families it is to serve, the elections will bring about change. After that change takes place, we hope the audit will uncover a clear path towards success.


  1. Ms. Montee seems to have taken a page out of Claire McCaskill's book.

    and look where that got her.

    Good on ya', Ms. Montee. Thanks for the good work. Keep it up.

    Mo Rage
    The blog

  2. To be clear, however, "a former field organizer on the Obama campaign" doesn't nearly indict this President in any way.

    Just sayin'

    Mo Rage

  3. No Mo Rage, I think the purpose of mentioning "a former field organizer on the Obama campaign" was to show the lack of experience. The Obama Campaign in Kansas City had to be the easiest job ever and the field organizers still found a way to show how stupid they were.

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