Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sam Graves Should Apologize and Fire Jeff Roe

Of all the people in Congress who would lie about being spit on and called racial slurs, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver isn't one. He is a Pastor, raised in poverty in the deep south. Yet that isn't stopping fellow Kansas City area Congressman Sam Graves chief adviser and campaign manager Jeff Roe from making the statement.

In his recent post, Roe alleges that Cleaver "invented a racial incident to promote his political agenda and hide his bad votes". To prove his case he shows a 48 second You Tube video of some of Cleaver's colleagues first started walking through a crowd. What he didn't show, was at the top of the steps shortly after that 48 second clip, was Emanuel Cleaver being spat on.

Well Congressman Graves, we have a clip of the Rep. Cleaver being spat on and now it is time for you too, to publicly apologize and fire your campaign manager. Below is the video, it will show a series of clips as Rachel Maddow speaks, including a clip of Congressman Cleaver stopping and pointing to the man that spit on him his lips reading "You just spit on me. You just spit on me!"

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Enough is enough. Instead of saying sorry to an old friend, Missouri now has two members of the Congressional delegation directly involved in this incident. One, Rep. JoAnn Emerson, was reported to have held up signs energizing the crowd to continue with their antics. The other is now Congressman Sam Graves Campaign Manager saying on his blog that Rep. Cleaver "invented a racial incident to promote a political agenda".

This is shameful and disgusting. In the political arena, there will always be dispute. However, the great joy of our democracy is that throughout those trying times, Democrats and Republicans, have mostly worked together in a professional, adult manner through civilized debate. That is no longer the case for some of the GOP members of Congress that urged protesters to break House rules by protesting in the gallery during debate.

Emanuel Cleaver has a history of being a man of God. Someone who treats you with deep respect whether Republican or Democrat. He may not agree with the politics you believe, but he will still treat you as a friend. And this is how he is treated by you Rep. Emerson and Rep. Graves?

It's time The Kansas City Star and all media outlets demand action by Rep. Sam Graves for this disgusting display of disrespect by a consultant that makes a living being as ugly as he can be.


  1. The Star could start by reporting on Roe's libel. Then editorialize about Graves ad Roe.

  2. The video doesn't show Cleaver being spat on. It shows him pointing and yelling something.

    Also, what does someone being a pastor or being raised poor or in the south have anything to do with whether someone lied or not? There certainly was a lot of lying going on in the Catholic Church when it came to the child abuse scandals and at least a few of the ministers were from the south.

  3. "Anon" 5:56pm whether or you not you like Rep. Cleaver should not cloud your judgement on this incident given that video clearly shows the confrontation. The video clearly shows him saying "you spit on me". Additionally, it's been confirmed through multiple sources and press witnesses. The vast majority of men and women on both sides of the line in Washington respect Rep. Cleaver for his honesty and treatment of all people. It's unfortunate that over a vote Republicans threw away all of their morals and values. I'm glad they aren't in the majority still

    It's unfortunate you approve of such behavior.

  4. Just because someone says something does not make it so. With all of the cameras there, why hasn't anyone produced the footage with the supposed racist namecalling and spitting? Even Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. was shooting video. I would think they would release the video if it showed any of what was claimed occurred. As to approving behavior, where in what I wrote did I say I approve of anything? You make these leaps of logic that reflect nothing what was said (Just like you assume because someone yells something, that must mean what the person is yelling about must have taken place.).



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