Saturday, March 13, 2010

Airport Bathrooms, Green Balloons, Hot Tubs and More Hypocrisy

This week you probably caught the Associated Press and Brock Vergakis headline 'GOP leader's skinny-dip confession stuns Utah'.

Upon reading the title you probably just thought it was another story about a GOP member who plays Jesus by day and Hugh Hefner by night. It was. But the article tells a much more serious story:

"A late-night confession by Utah's House majority leader about sitting nude in a hot tub with a minor 25 years ago has shocked this conservative state's political establishment but has not prompted calls from party leaders for him to resign.

Rep. Kevin Garn, 55, acknowledged the indiscretion late Thursday immediately after the Legislature adjourned for the session. He said he paid the woman, Cheryl Maher, now 40, $150,000 to keep quiet about the episode when he unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2002."

If this isn't the poster child for Republican hypocrisy, then we don't know what is. Yes, this was 25 years ago. But we are talking about an elected official not a dishwasher at your local restaurant.

While today's reports show that Rep. Garn has resigned--a move anyone could have predicted--we want to know why party leaders were not immediately calling for his resignation?

Anyone else wondering how Garn was able to pay $150,000 to this girl in exchange for her silence?

Anyone else wondering what happened to the faith, morals, values and compassionate conservatism being preached everyday in GOP political circles?

Whether it's in airport bathrooms, harrassing the local page, paying an undercover police officer, raping your fellow young republican, getting a DUI after leaving a gay bar after voting numerous times against gay rights, playing with 'green ballons', or any of the dozens of other scandals it's pretty clear that the GOP can be defined using many words; none of which are compassionate, conservative, moral or ethical.

Finally, with these scandals as well as the bribery and pay-to-play scandals hitting states like Utah and Missouri, who is holding The GOP leadership accountable?

Afterall, at best they stayed quiet on this issue and at worst they helped finance this Utah Republican so that his hidden secret would stay in the dark.

Think about that.

Just more reasons to Vote Democrat this fall.


  1. partisanship is getting old.

  2. partisanship is getting old but the point is solid. nice post.



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