Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Funk's Party And He'll Cry If He Wants To. Funkhouser Has Fit. Embarrasses Fierro. Has He Lost Park Board?

Here we go again Blue Readers. Matt Campbell of The Star is reporting that this week Mayor Funkhouser "lashed out" at his Park Board for "showing insufficient support for his agenda and accused one of them of corruption".

During the mayoral fit, Funkhouser made a number of comments that offended members of the board including President John Fierro.

In fact, Fierro was so offended by the comments that he even reminded the mayor of when he (Fierro) stood by Funkhouser during the controversy over the appointment of Minutemen member Frances Semler to the park board early in his term saying quote.

“I chose you over people I have known for 20 years,” Fierro quickly reminded Funkhouser.

But Fierro wasn't the only person offended. It seems Funkhouser may have also lost the support of Commissioner Meg Conger, Aggie Stackhaus and others by criticizing them and making comments like "Good God,” “It would have been nice for you guys to have sent somebody to testify. I was just stunned."

If that wasn't enough he even went as far as to call one of the commissioners he appointed corrupt in front of a reporter.

Can it really get any worse than this?

Park Commissioner Conger said she and her colleagues have worked hard to promote the park department’s interests by talking with city council members and other members of the community.

While The Star didn't report on The Mayor's reactions to these responses, it would've been nice to have seen them.

This should have come as no surprise given The Mayor's previous temper tantrums, his lack of common sense and his all too frequent pompous-elitist behavior .


  1. If the Mayor--or anyone, really--is going to accuse another of "corruption" of any sort, particularly in front of other people, including a reporter, he'd better have something to back it up with, certainly. That's just dangerous, wreckless and/or careless, otherwise.

    Besides, if the accusation is groundless or even unsupportable, the Mayor could be served yet another of his infamous and expensive lawsuits.

    If so, hopefully the citizens of Kansas City wouldn't be responsible for this one.

    Mo Rage

  2. "dangerous, wreckless and/or careless"

    All words that clearly define this mayor. Nice post Mo Rage

    Irish in KC



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