Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BREAKING: Funkhouser Charging Groups for Speaking Engagements As Mayor

He's at it again. This time the failed Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser is charging organizations and businesses throughout Kansas City and the world, according to his website, a minimum of $5000 to $7500 plus travel expenses in order to hear him speak.

The contract on his website also charges a flat fee of $500 for meals and lodging.

A lot of questions should now be asked of the Mayor. Is he also charging the city for these travel expenses? Are taxpayer paid for employees used to staff the Mayor on these paid speaking engagements? How many organizations in the Greater KC Metro Area have been charged to hear the Kansas City Mayor speak?

We are calling on the area bloggers and press to demand that the Mayor answer these questions immediately.

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  1. Can't he just disappear? Damn it, just GO!!!



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