Thursday, November 19, 2009

Senate Democratic Leaders Deliver Senate Bill. Republicans Promise "Holy War" To Block Americans From Better Health Care.

More than 60 years ago, President Harry Truman said every man should have the peace of mind of having health insurance. This week, that peace of mind should become a reality.

The official heath care reform bill has been delivered to The Senate and will be voted on this week. The bill will cover 95% of legal Americans, cost the country less than the original House bill, drive down federal deficits by an estimated $127 billion over 10 years, prohibit companies from placing annual or lifetime limits on client coverage, prohibit healthcare companies from refusing client coverage due to preexisting conditions, increase healthcare coverage for senior citizens, cover health and wellness programs aimed to stop diabetes and heart disease, offer small business tax credits to employers offering health care plans, and will offer a government plan as well as a nonprofit plan to reduce the costs on healthcare.

Americans overwhelmingly want health care reform. They overwhelmingly want this plan. And Democrats are so confident about this bill that they actually put the 2,000 plus bill on their website:

So instead of supporting this bill, and supporting covering over 30 million more Americans, what do Republicans do?

They declare "a holy war" on this bill with the intent to delay, destroy or completely stop healthcare reform so that their healthcare lobbyist and corporate friends can continue getting wealthy while your health goes down and your pocketbook continues to empty.

Just another reason why Americans should completely avoid The Republican Party in every way.

Update: Look for websites to begin posting Fox News falsehoods as they are currently distorting the released Congressional Budget Office report on this bill.

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