Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Republican State Rep Fails To Pay Over $20,000 In Taxes

The Warrensburg Daily-Star Journal has reported that Republican State Rep. Denny Hoskins has failed to pay over $20,300 in taxes since holding office.

Ironically, the freshman Republican is a CPA and sits on the state budget committee.

County documents show that the freshman Republican has received 5 delinquent bills from Johnson County and was issued over $4,000 in tax penalties for being delinquent almost 1 year.

The Republican blamed the recession on failing to follow the law saying:

"It's not something my brother and I are proud of, but our rental property business is struggling just like other, many Missouri businesses, and when our tenants are struggling to pay their rent due to the economic recession, we struggle to pay our mortgage payment and property taxes," Hoskins said."

So he goes on to blame everyone else but himself for not following the law?

Even worse is the Daily-Star Journal goes on to say that the Republican "offered no time line on paying his taxes".

So is the CPA State Rep saying that he is going to ignore the December 31st, 2009 deadline to pay his already 1 year delinquent taxes?

It's time this guy is held accountable. The economy is tough but word is this guy is a CPA and is about to open a new office blocks from the properties he is failing to pay property taxes at!!!

Rep. Hoskins should be ashamed for failing to take responsibility for not paying his taxes. Instead, he is blaming the economy and students renting from him for his failure to follow the law. You have to try to not pay $20,317 in taxes.

We at the KC Blue Blog believe it is apparent that this State Representative feels that he does not have to respect the law. Therefore, we are calling on him to be removed from the State Budget Committee. If as an elected official you aren't paying your taxes, then you cannot be trusted to spend our tax dollars wisely.

Fellow bloggers are reporting that there may be more coming, so stay tuned...

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