Saturday, November 28, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Missouri GOP Caught Hiding $25,000 from Coal Industry At "Independent" Tea Party Rally?

The Missouri GOP is under the microscope after the St. Louis Post-Dispatch uncovered a contribution of $25,000 from the spouse of a lobbyist.

While the Missouri Republican Party filed the proper paperwork, questions surround why they attempted to hide the contributions ties to Fred Palmer, Vice-President of Government Relations for Peabody Energy, which is a Coal Energy Company.

Is it because legislation is being crafted that could have a positive impact for the coal industry?

Adding more questions is where the Missouri GOP gathered the support? Could it be that the $25,000 was given to the Missouri GOP by the Coal Industry to continue their behind the scenes efforts with the "independent" Tea Party Movement in Missouri?

The $25,000 was given to the Missouri GOP on 11/24 from The Palmers who live in Ladue, not far from Clayton. Also on November 24th, was the Republican lobbyist funded "independent movement" called the Tea Party Rally which was held in Clayton.

One of the keynote speakers, Mike Carey of the Ohio Coal Association.

Coal Company speakers at a "independent" Democrat bashing rally? Hidden Coal Company Executive $25,000 contribution to the Missouri GOP at that same "indepedent" rally?

With recent reports of lobbyist pay for play surrouding the Missouri GOP, it appears they have some answering to do.

If the Missouri GOP solicited $25,000 contributions at "independent" Tea Party rallies across the state, then larger ethical questions now loom for the Missouri Republican Party.

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  1. terrific post. good job.

    note this wasn't in the Star today.

    and it's damned important for Missourians.

    Mo Rage
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