Friday, November 13, 2009


Tony's Kansas City is reporting that Missouri Democrats have been cleaning their GOP counterparts' clocks all day over Republican Denny Hoskins' failure to pay his taxes, lieing about how he was planning to pay them, and then magically coming up with $20k overnight.

Take a look:

(TKC Note: Speaking of Missouri politics, all day the Dems have been beating the crap out of their GOP couterparts because of a tax mess that was supposed to be taken care of by now raises even more questions. Check out their latest press release . . .)

The $20,000 Question: Questions Surround Hoskins Payment

After being caught red handed Hoskins Couldn’t Give a Deadline, Less Than 24 Hours Later He Cuts a $20,000 Check?

Jefferson City, MO—According to media reports, yesterday just before the collector’s office closed, State Rep. Denny Hoskins turned in a $20,317.89 check, less than 24 hours after being caught delinquent on his taxes. In a statement after being caught red handed Hoskins stated he didn’t have the money “due to the recession” and stated he was on a “tax installment plan” that never actually existed and is not available for delinquent amounts owed under Johnson County statute.

Today questions surround Representative Hoskins, who until yesterday refused to pay over $20,000 in taxes he was legally required to pay 11 months earlier.

“Yesterday morning Hoskins didn’t have enough money to pay a delinquent $500 invoice let alone the other $20,000 he owed; even going so far as to claim he was on a fake “tax installment plan” that isn’t even allowed by law. However by yesterday afternoon, he’s cutting a $20,000 check? Where did the money come from? Who did he get it from and were special favors requested in the terms of this loan?” asked Chris Moreno, Executive Director of the Missouri House Democratic Campaign Committee.

According to documents verified by media outlets, Denny Hoskins was given 5 separate invoices he was delinquent on since Dec. 31, 2008. Those invoices ranged from $500 to $9,637, all of which Hoskins knew about and stated he could not pay 24 hours ago. Instead, Hoskins tried to hide that he was on a “tax installment plan” when Johnson County doesn’t permit such plans for delinquent taxes. However, according to the Collector’s office, Hoskins could have paid any of those invoices in full, but chose not to.

“If he had it all along, why did he shortchange Johnson County for an entire year? Hoskins is on record being extremely dishonest throughout this process. The citizens deserve to finally have honest answers to these questions,” said Moreno.

Give the people of Johnson County, Missouri a hand for standing up, raising questions and calling for a change in leadership. They deserve better.

While looking into this, we found the website to Democrat Courtney Cole's campaign.

Missourians deserve better than Republican Denny Hoskins. Help put Missouri's 121st District in good hands.


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