Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Larry Johnson Signs With Bengals. Calls KC "Small Market". Talks Trash To Chiefs On Facebook.

As expected, today AFC North Division leaders The Cincinnati Bengals have signed Larry Johnson throughout the rest of the season for the league's veteran minimum --a move that has offended Cincinnati's local gay rights organization--the Equality Group.

In Johnson's first press conference since his days of slamming Todd Haley and the LGBT community on Twitter, Johnson and The Bengals began calling this move a new opportunity and repeated that Johnson has learned his lesson.

Tell that to Chief's fans on Facebook.

On his facebook account, immediately after the deal went down, Johnson posted that he and The Bengals are "'Gonna gallop all over the Chiefs. Cleat prints on the chests. Mud in the face."

And he wasn't the only player to speak on the issue.

Buffalo star wideout Terrel "T.O." Owens also used Twitter to take a stance on the issue and jab at Haley. “Tht’s wassup!! I’m happy Larry Johnson signed w/Bengals! He’s def n a better situation than n KC under tht HC!” wrote Owens

After Johnson fielded questions about his locker room leadership--which to no surprise he defended--when asked about why he was suspended twice for his poor on and off the field behavior if he were such a leader, Johnson said that it wasn't an attitude problem, it was “a relationship that was souring in Kansas City, and being in a small market,” Johnson said, “every little thing I say is going to be blown up to mythical proportions. (Scott) Pioli and Todd (Haley) felt it was the best way to silence the whole situation was to let me go.”

The Chiefs play The Bengals in Cinci on December 27th. When asked about the chance to play against the Chiefs Johnson said “I’d be lying if I said I ain’t looking at that game (as one) I want to definitely play in … if that happens, it would be the best Christmas gift I could get.”

KC Blue Blog Prediction: As The Chiefs have begun fighting for an 8-8 season, Don't worry too much Kansas City. Larry Johnson won't accomplish anything against us. Chiefs win 24-17.

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