Friday, November 27, 2009

The Mayor Does Not Respect Voters or African-American Community, Unless He Finds It Convenient.

We know what you're thinking-- "Did they go there?" . The answer: yes we did.

It's has become more and more obvious that neither the mayor does nor his office staffers respect voters let alone any minority/ethnic community unless he finds it to be convenient for him or his staff to do so.

Or is it just that the mayor and his staffers are too stubborn or arrogant to actually apologize to anyone? Or are they simply refusing to answer questions that they are not professionally prepared to handle? Or--in this case--is there really a difference?

That's exactly what minority, religious and community leaders from around the city have been asking each other since this mayor took office--and with good reason. Today, the questions haven't changed a bit--and with good reason.

Think about all of the things that this mayor has done during his time in office that has offended voters. And then think about how many times he has apologized for them (answer: zero). Today's no different.

KSHB-TV 41's Chris Hernandez is reporting that Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser has responded to recent calls for an apology over the way in which former city manager Wayne Cauthen was recently treated during his "suspension" which City Council members called "politics by ambush"; and to no surprise he refuses to apologize.

When asked if he thinks an apology is necessary at this point, the mayor answered, "No, I don't. What we did, we treated the situation with the most respect, the most dignity that was possible under the circumstances."

The Concerned Clergy group and many voters don't agree, and for that, they have asked for an official apology during next week's council meeting, along with a public explanation from council members who once supported Cauthen, but voted to force him out of office.

The KC Blue Blog is supporting that request. But, we are doing so not because we are fans of Wayne Cauthen, but because neither Mayor Funkhouser and The City Council have yet to give an explanation for the move.

Storming the City Manager's office and having him escorted out without either a previous explanation to all Councilmembers or a vote by the Council was uncalled for. Having him escorted out of the building in front of cameras was not only unprofessional at best, it was also damaging to the character of Mr. Cauthen. Again, it was a move that should have been at least explained and at best debated in a public forum.

Such a move would not only have provided voters and councilmembers an opportunity to hear the reasoning for such a move that will surely cost the city (see: taxpayers) hundreds of thousands of dollars--allowing all councilmembers an opportunity to cast an informed vote, it would have also protected both The City as well as the mayor from legal issues and community backlash. Having said that, such a move would have also shed light on the issue--giving the mayor just as much as a chance to be supported as not supported. Was that the reason for not doing so?

Either way, all we were given is the usual; no answer for days and the mayor bobbing his head while talking in front of cameras as if he were annoyed by the fact that voters dare ask for an explanation while his staffers dodge questions by doing the same.

Mayor Funkhouser and City Council members need to get one thing very clear: No elected official is above his/her constituents. Intentionally refusing, when requested, to provide them with reason for votes cast, actions taken or opinions given is clearly saying that you feel you are above them.

We are still appalled by the fact that this mayor --who has zero political capital and is about as popular as H1N1 on Thanksgiving--and his third rate staffers still clearly find themselves to be above responding to the requests of those that he is supposedly representing. You see it when you attempt to contact the office, at the town hall meetings, when they are in front of the cameras and behind them, and when they are at speaking appearances.

Plain and simple, Mayor Mark Funkhouser doesn't just owe Mr. Cauthen an explanation and apology (Which he obviously won't give), he also owes both to Kansas City.

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  1. Why are you talking about Funk? He's been honest and straightforward about his desire to dump Cauthen, who has been caught cheating on travel and lying on his resume.

    If you really were upset about this, instead of only agreeing with the African-American community when you find it convenient, you'd be calling out the three vote-changers.



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