Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crazy Jane's Keep Govt. Out of Health Care By Using Govt. Mandates In Health Care Act

So just when you think she is slow to reach Cynthia Davis levels of craziness, she always surprises you. That's right, Crazy Jane is back at it with an addition to her greatest hits.

This time she is offering up the keep government out of health care, by sponsoring a legislation as a Government elected official, to put a government mandate in the Missouri constitution which governs our state, to prevent government from being involved in health care while mandating individuals can choose their health care options. Just not government, or programs such as Medicare or Medicaid as they involve Government, or else Crazy Jane will ensure that more government will tell them no government, Health care act.

Since Crazy Jane makes a nice salary on taxpayer dime, which surely goes towards any health care costs she has in life, we at the KC Blue Blog are calling on Crazy Jane to no longer take a state salary. This way there can be no confusion on using taxdollars for anything related towards her personal health care or well being.

Surely for consistency purposes she will do the right thing. Right Jane?

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