Monday, November 9, 2009

Kansas City Pops Bottles As Chiefs Move Toward A Future Without Larry Johnson

According to the Associated Press and Kansas City Star, The Chiefs have finally released running back turned social media disaster, Larry Johnson. The 30 year old running back, who was drafted by The Chiefs, has made no secrets about his discontent with our beloved franchise and city. Likewise, neither have the people of Kansas City as close to 11 thousand Chiefs fans signed a petition to rid of the troubled, money hungry running back.

Today, after a series of insulting and unprofessional off the field actions by Johnson--absolutely zero giving back to the community--The Chiefs have finally opened the chapter in Kansas City football by releasing the team's 2ndleading rusher.

The move came as Larry Johnson needed roughly 75 yards rushing to top Chief icon Priest Holmes as the team's all-time rushing leader. Today, that record will stay where it belongs--with Priest Holmes.

What The Chiefs need are leaders, both on and off the field--leaders like Priest Holmes was for this franchise. Part of the role of being the team's star player used to mean --and should continue to mean-- that you should also be the team's star community leader.

How Larry Johnson was just handed the franchise without any community responsibility or locker room leadership is beyond us--as it was obvious since college that he had no interest in either. Today, Larry Johnson gets his wish and will probably find his way onto another team by week's end.

But don't think he gets the last laugh Kansas City as both our city and team are better today without him.

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