Sunday, November 15, 2009

Republicans Still Don't Get It. Their Solution For The GOP's Future: A Dick Cheney/ Sarah Palin Ticket?

It's official........ again. Republican Party leaders have no clue what they are doing or what is best for America's future. And it doesn't seem like they will catch a clue anytime soon.

It was apparent during the 2008 presidential elections as we watched The GOP circus, known as McCain/Palin, tour the country giving speeches that made the country say "What?" and millions of lifelong Republicans jump ship.

It was as clear as spring water when we watched the country, both Republican and Democrat, overwhelmingly vote for then Senator Barack Obama--sending a message of "Change" to The GOP/D.C. politicos only interested in their pocket books.

Immediately after the elections, we watched The GOP spiral into disaster as Sarah Palin began what we'll call her "Public Relations Disaster Tour" of the country preaching rhetoric only heard by the country's most extreme right-wingers.

In the end, last November we watched the country, world, Democrats, Independents and Republicans agree that 8 years of the Bush Administration was a really bad idea, and John McCain/Sarah Palin as a presidential ticket--even worse. Shortly after, Republican leaders started their elephant eat elephant media war and promised concerned party members that they would get back on track.

So what solution do GOP leaders come up with over a year later? Promoting Dick Cheney/Sarah Palin 2012 ticket.

Wow. Just another reason why you should continue voting Democrat.

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