Friday, September 3, 2010

Mississippi Republican Governor Busted Telling More Lies On Southern Racism

Mississippi Governor and presumed Republican Party Presidential candidate Haley Barbour attempted to tie southern racism to the Democratic Party this week.

In doing so he stated that his generation had moved beyond racism and that he attended a desegregated high school and never thought twice about race.

This would be welcoming news, but as Rachel Maddow points out, it's not true. The school he claimed was desegregated was Yazoo City High in 1964 and 65. History points out that Barbour is off 5 years. Yazoo City was segregated until 1970.

Apparently, Barbour is now trying to become the only man in America that honestly believes southern, racist Democrats never fled to the Republican Party after the civil rights legislation passed.

The Republican Tea Party is shining with bright ones.

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  1. Name one part of the TEA Party agenda that is not fully supported by Gov. Jay Nixon?

    You liberals are trash. Nixon knows that this Country is awash in TEA.



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