Thursday, September 2, 2010

BREAKING: Questions Surround Taxpayers Unlimited and Henry Rizzo Campaign Following Finance Reports

Our Blue Chip Tipsters are all over this story today flooding us with many e-mails.

The KC Blue Blog is reporting that very serious questions surround Taxpayers Unlimited President Sherwood Smith, Local 42 President Louie Wright and County Legislator Henry Rizzo following campaign finance reports.

Every Democrat in Jackson County is well aware of the primary race beating delivered to Henry Rizzo by children advocate Crystal Williams.

Our tipsters point out that the 30 Day After Campaign finance reports show that Taxpayers Unlimited paid a total of $21,345.47 to media outlets in Kansas City (we assume for this commercial promoting Henry Rizzo) while failing to file an in-kind contribution to his campaign.

They also point out that Henry Rizzo's hand scanned report also fails to report any in-kind contribution made to his campaign.

There are now two major questions being asked by tipsters regarding these reports:

Did Taxpayers pay for these ads instead of providing a direct contribution to Rizzo to avoid showing a conflict of interest regarding legislation Henry Rizzo sponsored and was later forced to back away from?

More importantly, by failing to file an in-kind contribution, did Taxpayers and Rizzo attempt to hide from the KC Star a 48 hour report which should have been filed showing a contribution of over $5,000 to Rizzo days before a vote on the matter was originally scheduled to take place?

Specifically on 7/26/10 Taxpayers Unlimited Reports paying $14,987 for ads which clearly exceeds the 24 hour reporting guidelines and none of which is filed in-kind to Rizzo.

They also report in 7/30/10 purchasing $3215 in air spots, none of which is filed as in-kind to Rizzo.

Reports show that Rizzo only raised $29,500 which means Taxpayers should have provided an in-kind contribution the very same month legislation was to pass showing a jawdropping 73% of the total raised by Rizzo the entire cycle.

As a side note, Henry Rizzo paid President Harry S. Truman $400 on 7/31/10. Dead Presidents are allowed to vote in Jackson County, right?

Blue Tip: The KC Blue Blog tipsters report this may be the center of serious problems facing Louie Wright and Sherwood Smith...developing.

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