Friday, September 3, 2010

Dumb and Racist Are Two Qualities Of A Tea Party Leader

Running a state is not easy work in these economic climates. That is why electing leaders on substance and not rhetoric is key.

Enter Arizona Governor Brewer.

It is no secret the Republican Party has been hijacked by Tea Party wackjobs looking for their rising star. These individuals get in front of a crowd yell key talking points that include mentioning patriotism as many times as possible, cursing liberals and demanding change in Washington by electing the very same Republicans that led us into mass corruption and waste.

With the election just around the corner, the GOP is beginning to wonder if they created their own monster. Debate season is upon us and that means the underdog crazies that proved victorious in Republican primaries across the nation will now be placed on national tv for the first time.

When a Governor fails to display any knowledge of a few good things that have been accomplished in their state you have to ask: what type of people is the Tea Party trying to promote?

See for yourself:

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