Thursday, September 2, 2010

Felons for Life. Missouri Right to Life Endorses Felon in St. Joseph

The Christian based Missouri Right to Life is seeking to broaden their coalition of ethical Republicans this week by announcing their endorsement of Jason Gregory, the Republican running for State Representative in the 27th House District (St. Joseph, MO).

Gregory will be the first member of the Felons for Life caucus and joins an elite group of individuals the MRL believe represent the finest Christian values in the state. See for yourself:

Gregory admitted back in January to the St. Joseph News-Press that he pled guilty to a felony offense in 1994 for "unlawful practices" in connection to his role in scamming senior citizens out of an estimated $48,000. His business partner received 4 years in prison. Gregory served 4 years probation.

We at the KC Blue Blog are calling on the Missouri Right to Life to remove their endorsement of Jason Gregory. Supporting a candidate that admits to scamming senior citizens is not a good position to take. Many of those senior citizens were likely pro-life and a mix of Republicans and Democrats.

It gets better. According to the Missouri Right to Life website, Gregory failed to even fill out a survey!

Endorsing Gregory, who has previously pled guilty to a felony charge, will make a great addition to their Republican endorsed candidates with morals such as Brian Nieves (under investigation for allegedly assaulting a campaign staffer), Denny Hoskins (who notoriously failed to pay $21,000 in taxes) and Steve Cookson (has faced MSHAA investigations into recruiting practices).

These endorsements are insults to Missouri Christians statewide. We call on the MRL to remove their endorsement of Gregory immediately. They should also strongly consider removing the endorsements of the other individuals named above.

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