Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bad Week for Hermann Gets Worse

Yesterday the City Council voted down Mayor Funkhouser's veto of a proposed change to the charter that would allow a fair and legal process to redistricting.

In an 8-4 vote, leaders from south of the River stood up against a move by Republican hacks to redistrict the city council in favor of the Northland.

The vote should be seen as a complete loss for Deb Hermann, and as we previously stated, she is starting to face mass exodus from her campaign by Democrat supporters.

She originally supported the measure because it is the smart thing to do. Following e-mails from and campaign threats from Republican donors in the Northland Hermann flipped her stance and cast THE vote to kill the measure. After gaining a new life, the measure passed and was vetoed by the Mayor at the advice of his Republican campaign staff.

Today's vote slapped that move down and has tangled this process badly for Hermann. Forward Kansas City, a Northland group that agressively pushes for a strong Northland voice, will now file suit via Chris Byrd (a top Republican hack).

Now Hermann has walked Governor Nixon into a political fight with The Greater KC Chamber and labor leaders Louie Wright and Duke Dujakovic over the Earnings Tax.

The KC Blue Bloggers continue our call on Hermann to do the same for the Republican elected officials in her own City Council district that have each received thousands from Billionaire Rex.

"Double Talk" Deb has had a very bad week.

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