Monday, August 16, 2010

Prayer Vigil for Nieves After Demon Posessed Him to Beat Up Staffer

A prayer vigil at Riverfront Park was held this evening by supporters of right wing lunatic Republican Brian "Nutjob" Nieves.

The vigil was put together by a group of supporters in order to remove the demons from Republican Nieves after he allegedly choke slammed a former House Republican staffer against a wall and used him as a human mop across campaign headquarters into his office.

The victim then reported that Nieves pulled out a pistol and placed it on the desk and made the staffer call his wife to apologize.

No word on whether the staffer had to apologize for being forced to take his shirt off in the office or for the many alleged affairs Nieves had in Jefferson City.

This would have to be the only reason any group of individuals would come together in prayer for someone like Nieves. It has been reported Nieves did attend the vigil, not to pray for himself but possibly as a "vigil crasher" in order to pick up more women in the name of the Lord.

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