Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BREAKING: AP Reports Video Used By Jeff Roe and Republicans Was Shot 1 Hour After Racial Attacks

The Associated Press has reported that a video being circulated by Jeff Roe and fellow Republican activists as "proof" that racial slurs never took place, was actually shot 1 hour after the attacks actually happened.

That's right. It was the wrong video.

Now Republican Sam Graves and JoAnne Emerson must publicly address how they, as members of the Missouri Congressional delegation, have allowed their campaign manager and political hack Jeff Roe to publicly call one of the victims Congressman Emanuel Cleaver a "liar" who "invented a racial situation to further his political agenda".

Since the incident, Roe has posted numerous times showing the video as evidence that the attacks never took place. He even went so far as to post scenes from tv comedies where individuals were spit on, asking "is this racist?"

Enough is enough. It is time for Congressman Sam Graves to address the matter and publicly apologize on behalf of his campaign for allowing his top strategist to attack a Congressman who did nothing but try to walk to the capitol to cast a vote.


  1. Graves is tied to the fake-Democrat Mike Sanders, so he will not do a damn thing. Sanders will protect Graves.

    Besides, Sanders has a female secretary who uses Facebook to hit on women, so he cannot say a word because he fears retaliation.

  2. Shame on the Blue BlogMay 21, 2010 at 7:50 PM

    It is a time to take down that slime ball lie, which slanders Mike's hard-working Administrative Assistant.

    The Blue Blog should not put up with that kind of crap, let alone leave it up for over a month.

  3. does anyone run this blog anymore? if not take it down.

  4. It is time to take this blog down.

  5. Take this blog down.



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