Thursday, August 26, 2010

Like The 80s We Are Back By Popular Demand!!

After many e-mails from our beloved Blue Readers, a few trials now complete, a brief stint climbing the Andes Mountains, a few successful businesses launched, sixty pounds lost between us and amazing vacas to the Bahamas, Italy and Alaska , our KC Blue Bloggers have reunited together like The Eagles and are back by popular demand!

All things 80's have nothing on this blog. We have more dish than Tony Botello's ex-girlfriends and we are locked and loaded for another election season!

What we have accomplished to date speaks for itself. We initiated the nickname Ed "Bunch of Mexicans" Martin onto the national scene forever placing him into the racist hall of fame. We successfully forced Ed "Bunch of Mexicans" Martin, the Chief of Staff to Gov. Matt Blunt, to resign. We warned Kansas City in March of 2007 about the disaster that would be a Funkhouser Administration in our post titled "If you want the funk, drive past Front Street". We broke the story on Mayor Funkhouser's campaign mismanagement purchasing numerous I-Phones and using a city hall office for a campaign line. We even led the fight to bring a national boycott to Kansas City until Semler was removed; and along with TKC (who was key to this story) in the end successfully removed France Semler.

But that's not all.

We placed on the national scene the names Bradley Schlozmen, Thor Hearne, voter caging and the fake St. Louis based GOP group "American Center for Voter Rights" that was deeply involved in the purging of voters under the Bush Administration. We broke the news regarding the Texas based Missouri Political News Service, which seeks to push GOP agendas in Missouri and highlighted the influx of Texas oil money financing the MOGOP under Matt Blunt. We coined the nickname "Hong Kong" Hulshof for his votes in support of flooding Chinese imports into Missouri while exporting Missouri jobs during the 2008 Governor's race--a post which led to a commercial showing a Chinese flag flying behind "Hong Kong" Hulshof. We even highlighted the amazing story of a military veteran and candidate named Jason Kander who defied the political elite to win his district when others said he didn't stand a chance.

That is just some of what we have done. Now we start a new chapter. Hopefully it is one that is just as fun as previous election cycles but we doubt it. In the end, we will just settle for Tony's Kansas City finally making us our sammich.

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