Monday, January 25, 2010

GOP Should Not Forget That They Are Nowhere Close To Controlling Balance Of Power. Media Outlets Should Report The Same.

Republican leaders should take that title as good advice. In fact, they should probably pay us for it too.

Ever since a nude model turned part-time real-estate lawyer and full-time corporate legislator won a special election in Massaschusetts, media outlets all over the place have been acting as though Democrats actually lost a majority. In fact, click here and you will see that the Philadelphia Metro actually printed that falsehood. Here CNN reports the same. Here Twitter buzzes that local NBC news outlets in New York also reported the same, and here ABC follows suit

But reality tells a different story. While yes, the country --as well as Massachusetts and all that Ted Kennedy fought for-- would have been better off with someone that actually represents mainstream America and working class Americans, voters should understand that Democrats still hold a commanding 59-41 majority in The Senate. Similarly, it is the duty of media outlets to help them understand just how commanding a 59-41 majority lead in the Senate is.

The majority that Democrats currently hold in the Senate has not been matched for almost 20 years. To even come close, you would have to go back to the 1993-1995 Senate where Democrats held a 57-43 lead. To find a 58-41 lead with 1 Independent, you would have to go back as far as 1979-1981. (Source: US Senate Archives).

So spare us the talk of Democrats losing a majority. Someone please tell Michael Steele and the GOP to stop mailing census forms that are as real as a Chinese DVD. Someone tell global media outlets that a McDonald's Big Mac in the middle of Texas faces more danger than a Democratic majority in D.C.--which is exactly why a Republican controlled Supreme Court causally opened the door for unlimited foreign-run corporate participation in our electoral process.

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  1. excellent points. excellent thoughts. this should go national. great observations. great writing.


    Mo Rage



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