Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crazy Cynthia Davis Insults African-American Witness, Trashes Low-Income Families and Embarrasses State, GOP and MO House During Health Hearing

We're one month into the year and in prime time for Crazy Cynthia Davis to get back to her all too typical circus as Missouri's Craziest Republican ---believe us when it takes a special craziness to take that prize as there are lots of them in Jefferson City.

Fired Up! Missouri is reporting that Davis' comments during a hearing "left fellow representatives and the crowd aghast as she shared her thoughts with a witness -- who happened to be an African American -- about the nutrition habits of 'your people' and 'your community.'

Davis reportedly questioned the witness about her faith background, and then expressed concern about what she perceived to be poor choices made by food stamp recipients, making multiple references to white milk being preferable to chocolate milk."

One witness wrote to the blog saying "I was there for the hearing and can confirm that those statements were said and that there were jaws on the ground as she (Davis) was saying them. The Chair, Rep. Cooper was wholeheartedly embarrassed and was seen visibly laughing at the absurdity of one of his members. He was so nervous about what else she might say, when the next witness came to testify, he cut off questions at the time it was Davis' turn to open her mouth again.

The committee members with nearly no exception were embarrassed and uncomfortable as she backhandedly insulted a witness of the committee.

In all the years I've been doing this, it was one of the most appalling moments in a committee ever. Truly amazing."

Remember Cynthia Davis is the Republican elected official that spent most of 2009 touring the country trying to convince people that our President is not a U.S. Citizen---now that's crazy!

And for most Republicans and Democrats in Jefferson City, Cynthia Davis is seen as a complete joke. But for The KC Blue Blog we take her incompetence and all too frequent race, religious and social class prejudice seriously.

Each month, over 867,000 Missourians that receive food stamps and thousands of children in Missouri receive subsidized child care. While it may be a surprise to Rep. Davis, it's no suprise to the rest of the state that these men, women and children in need are not part of one or two demographics. In today's economic climate, these Missourians belong to every single demographic imaginable. So why was Rep. Davis in the meeting singling out members of the African-American community?

In a state with over 768,000 African-Americans this type of racism and prejudice has no place in our capital.

In a city where over 2,000 African Americans currently call home--and hundreds of thousands live in surrounding area--, where 39% of the population is under 24 years of age, where the fastest growing demographic are the Hispanic/Latino and Indo-European communities (source), and where over 1,200 families have a household income of less than $20,000 (source) we don't think that Davis' comments or representation of Missouri or O'Fallen are in any way American, professional or acceptable.

Because of this as well as the extensive list of previous racist and prejudice filled remarks, we are calling on Rep. Cynthia Davis to step down from office. Similarly, We are calling on both Cynthia Davis, David Cole and Lloyd Smith to not only give a formal apology to the witness she insulted before The Missouri House of Representatives, but to also give a public formal apology to the African-American communities around the state. Additionally, we are calling on Rep. Davis, David Cole and Lloyd Smith to formally send a letter to the 2,000 African-Americans living in O'Fallen as well as the 1,200 plus families currently earning less than $20,000 per year formally apologizing for her unprofessional--and disgusting at best--comments, behavior and overall lack of understanding and representation.

To Contact The Missouri GOP and demand the same, please call and e-mail the following:

204 E. Dunklin Avenue
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone: 573-636-3146
Fax: 573-636-3273

To Contact Crazy, Racist and Prejudice Cynthia Davis, please call and e-mail:

Rep. Cynthia Davis
201 W. Capitol Ave., Room 112
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone: 573-751-9768
636- 240-6369

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