Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BREAKING: Freedom Inc. Endorses Both Carnahan and Blunt?

BREAKING: Sources in the room tonight tell the KC Blue Blog that members of Freedom Inc. face meltdown as BOTH Robin Carnahan AND Roy Blunt are endorsed!!

A coalition led by Sen. Yvonne Wilson and President Craig Bland was sure to have a shoe in after agressively pushing for the endorsement of Democratic Sec. of State Robin Carnahan in the lead up to tonights meeting.

Enter the Freedom Cancer known only as "The Bishop" James Tindall.

The members of the Tindall coalition led by former Councilwoman Carol Coe, shut down the meeting and publicly endorsed Republican Roy Blunt.

Some will fault Tindall for selling out the community, afterall, he is a crook . They have every reason to place blame his way.

Blame should also be placed on Freedom for not seeing this coming early on. Tindall selling out the community was as obvious as a Kevin Smith Movie.

Blue Tipsters are ranting and raving about the visits by Roy Blunt into the African-American community during this campaign. While nobody in their right mind believes them to be remotely genuine, money talks. So does presence.

How Carnahan allowed Roy Blunt to turn her into the problems of Washington D.C. is a question many will be asking for years to come. If she loses any significant amount of votes in the inner-city, it will be a campaign failure that could top the likes of the Lt. Governor race by Sam Page.
Roy Blunt is from Springfield and represents all things not in the interest of Kansas City's urban core. Many say the problem is that Robin has taken this campaign head on as a typical St. Louis statewide official, ignoring every part of Kansas City.

In this election cycle and political climate, far too many local Democrats are popping the bubbly and snacking on party favorites. They haven't quite come to grips on how severe it could be this November.

If caught asleep at the wheel, major upsets could take place here locally and across the state.

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