Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BREAKING: Freedom Inc. Endorses Both Carnahan and Blunt?

BREAKING: Sources in the room tonight tell the KC Blue Blog that members of Freedom Inc. face meltdown as BOTH Robin Carnahan AND Roy Blunt are endorsed!!

A coalition led by Sen. Yvonne Wilson and President Craig Bland was sure to have a shoe in after agressively pushing for the endorsement of Democratic Sec. of State Robin Carnahan in the lead up to tonights meeting.

Enter the Freedom Cancer known only as "The Bishop" James Tindall.

The members of the Tindall coalition led by former Councilwoman Carol Coe, shut down the meeting and publicly endorsed Republican Roy Blunt.

Some will fault Tindall for selling out the community, afterall, he is a crook . They have every reason to place blame his way.

Blame should also be placed on Freedom for not seeing this coming early on. Tindall selling out the community was as obvious as a Kevin Smith Movie.

Blue Tipsters are ranting and raving about the visits by Roy Blunt into the African-American community during this campaign. While nobody in their right mind believes them to be remotely genuine, money talks. So does presence.

How Carnahan allowed Roy Blunt to turn her into the problems of Washington D.C. is a question many will be asking for years to come. If she loses any significant amount of votes in the inner-city, it will be a campaign failure that could top the likes of the Lt. Governor race by Sam Page.
Roy Blunt is from Springfield and represents all things not in the interest of Kansas City's urban core. Many say the problem is that Robin has taken this campaign head on as a typical St. Louis statewide official, ignoring every part of Kansas City.

In this election cycle and political climate, far too many local Democrats are popping the bubbly and snacking on party favorites. They haven't quite come to grips on how severe it could be this November.

If caught asleep at the wheel, major upsets could take place here locally and across the state.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Adding the Jackin' to Jackson County: Hookers Spotted After Hours?

Tipsters have been sending e-mails for weeks about this matter but honestly we didn't believe it. Then last week, a blog with an obsession for Sheriff Sharp, brought the issue front and center forcing us to talk about it.

Rumors are circling the county halls that an important Jackson County official was put on personal leave for several weeks as damage control after county staffers allegedly spotted the individual taking a hooker into his office.

Blue Note: we are talking about the county and one can easily mistaken dozens of individuals selling themselves out for a county contract as a hooker.
If true, the natural follow up would be to ask, who in the county is so important someone would provide them a hooker??

Here is what we are hearing. Tipsters and rumors all focus on one person and it rhymes with spoons.

While we may never know for sure who it was. What we do know is that the hooker is reported to be female, which immediately removes Calvin Williford and County Legislator James Tindall from the list.

Stay tuned....

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mississippi Republican Governor Busted Telling More Lies On Southern Racism

Mississippi Governor and presumed Republican Party Presidential candidate Haley Barbour attempted to tie southern racism to the Democratic Party this week.

In doing so he stated that his generation had moved beyond racism and that he attended a desegregated high school and never thought twice about race.

This would be welcoming news, but as Rachel Maddow points out, it's not true. The school he claimed was desegregated was Yazoo City High in 1964 and 65. History points out that Barbour is off 5 years. Yazoo City was segregated until 1970.

Apparently, Barbour is now trying to become the only man in America that honestly believes southern, racist Democrats never fled to the Republican Party after the civil rights legislation passed.

The Republican Tea Party is shining with bright ones.

Human Trafficker Is Major Donor to Republican Party

BREAKING: Associated Press is reporting that a Los Angeles based man arrested this week for human trafficking of 400 individuals from Thailand is a major Republican Party donor.

A frequent contributor, Mordechai Orian recently gave $11,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

This is the face of the new kkkRepublican Tea Party.

Governor Fail

We previously posted a clip showing the worst opening statement in debate history by a sitting Governor.

Well today for weekend entertainment we are posting a clip following the debate. If you go to 2:05 of the clip and watch, Governor Brewer is boxed in by reporters demanding she take back the false statement she made this summer claiming there were beheadings in Arizona.

Apparently, Gov. Brewer has made it appear so violent that many in Arizona are claiming she is the core reason for economic disaster due to her negative, false rhetoric.

Blue Note: This is what not to do when being asked the same question by every reporter in the room. Governor fail.

Dumb and Racist Are Two Qualities Of A Tea Party Leader

Running a state is not easy work in these economic climates. That is why electing leaders on substance and not rhetoric is key.

Enter Arizona Governor Brewer.

It is no secret the Republican Party has been hijacked by Tea Party wackjobs looking for their rising star. These individuals get in front of a crowd yell key talking points that include mentioning patriotism as many times as possible, cursing liberals and demanding change in Washington by electing the very same Republicans that led us into mass corruption and waste.

With the election just around the corner, the GOP is beginning to wonder if they created their own monster. Debate season is upon us and that means the underdog crazies that proved victorious in Republican primaries across the nation will now be placed on national tv for the first time.

When a Governor fails to display any knowledge of a few good things that have been accomplished in their state you have to ask: what type of people is the Tea Party trying to promote?

See for yourself:

Chick Fight: Peter Kinder Calls Women "Tramps" On Twitter

Our friends over at Fired Up Missouri broke a story that has the Lt. Governor on quite the pickle (Blue Note: we had to say "on the pickle", can you blame us?).

It appears the Lt. Governor on Twitter decided to promote the "Top Twenty Tramp Stamps". The post linked to pictures of young women showing their lower back tatoos, some of which were noticeably naked.

Now there are some major problems with this tweet, which is no surprise. When Lt. Governor Kinder logs into Twitter it is almost an expectation he will get into a political disaster.

Why is the Lt. Governor tweeting pictures of naked young women showing tattoos?

More importantly, the Lt. Governor must answer why he referred to women as "tramps" on his twitter account.

We at The KC Blue Blog believe the Lt. Governor is trying entirely too hard to prove he doesn't like men, which is fine. That still does not justify calling women "tramps" just because you are forced to pretend to like them.

Stay tuned to Fired Up Missouri as this story develops...

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